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Before I purchase an iPhone 4s I would like to know how much memory I might need.  I will have some songs though currently I use only about 2GB on old iPod.  I will no doubt have some pictures and perhaps a video and, of course, some apps though I really don't know how many. I tentatively planned to buy 16GB.  My daughter is shooting for 32GB.  Suggestions and guidelines? Thanks

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    IMO, forget the calculations and buy as much as you can afford.  It's better to have and not need than need and not have.  Plus, it will be worth more when you sell it.

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    I have a 16 GB iphone. Of that 16 GB, I have yet to exceed 5 GB usage.


    Having said that I know other that use more their memory.


    It is all up to you and how you use it.



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    As long as this is not an "Aggie Joke", I appreciate the help.  Go Aggies!

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    Hi, from what you have said above, the 16GB iPhone 4S seemsmore than enough space for a user with the outlined above, bearing in mind youdo not necessarily get 16GB, as there is the operating system and otherprogrammes that use memory, for example I have a 64GB iPhone 4S and it comeswith 57.42 GB or storage.


    If you purchase a 16GB and you do seem to be running out ofspace, you can always back up your data to a computer and it can be deletedfrom your phone - meaning you have more space. If you are worried about havingthis problem 32GB will probably be the best option and will be more thanenough.


    Hope this helps, any further questions feel free to ask, andI will try to answer them.

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    No joke


    Gig 'em.