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    For the first time my 4s experienced this - left it charging all night only to find it stuck at 96% this morning.  No apps were open or running.  I rebooted, after 5 minutes it was at 100%.

    This is a software bug imo.


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    I am having the same issue. Tried 2 different Apple original cables and same outcome!

  • itsmejay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having this exact problem. Battery life is great after update to 5.0.1 on my 4S. Battery could be at 96% when I plug it into the wall charger at bedtime. When I wake up it is at 95%> Tried different cables. Did hard restarts. This hasn't always happened. Just started a week or so ago.

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    I look at my iphone for hours charging.


    When it get to the status 100% charged it start discharging until 91% and still saying charged.


    And at 91 % the stauts changed for charging until it get 100% and goes like that in a loop,


    It's a real pain to wake up and being at 92% of charge, we're loosing a few hours in idle mode with our iphones because of that.



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    I am witnessing the same phenomenon. Woke up to find battery only charged to 97%. Then slowly going down to 91% before it started charging again.


    Well at least I am not the only one and if it's not a hardware problem, I can wait for it to be resolved. If it doesn't get resolved, then it is really an Apple business rule for it to act like this.

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    I just had this happin to me this morning I pluged it in at 11:30 last night and woke up at 7:30 and it was only at 95% this is the first time. I pluged it in on the way to work and as soon as it hits 100% it stops charging and shows the plug icon so im glad im not the only one.

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    Ive had my 4S a Fortnight now

    I think how the iPhones charge is really odd Charger in>mins later the phone boots up


    anyway I seem to have the same prob with my phone to I plugged into mains charhe at 11.45pm lastnight at 1pm it said 94% so i just left to charge whilst I went to bed woke up this morning and it's 97%

    I turned to power of and back on again and went to 100%


    but the charge was going down pretty quick another I notice sometimes the useage and standby doesn't reset

    after a re-charge its a pain I can only hope Apple address this issue soon with  EXTREMELY NEEDED 5.0.2


    I can't be bothered with going down to apple stores even if they say they will replace the handset thers a chance they haven't even got any stock, it was a nightmare trying to get my 4S to start with as it was and now im paying the big cost of this on a contract whereas I should of just used the 1-2 week delivery


    anyway APPlE hope you sort this out for us

    I lurve my iPhone so much best handset ever

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    I've had my 4s since October when they came available and only now noticed this phenomenon with the charging. I think it is because I just switched to using the regular block charger from my iPad Charger. I have been using my larger (more wattage) iPad charger for both devices but just sold the iPad and started using the smaller block charger and now seeing this charge to 90+% each morning.

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    change the battery

  • Kerry78 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Only a Update can No doubt sort this out

    im sure Apple will launch this soon new year and everything beginning

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    I've had the phone (4s) for a few months now.


    Just last night, as I always leave my phone plugged in so I awake to a fully charged phone, but this morning, my phone was only at 45%. Not 97% or close to that, but 45%.


    I shaved, took a shower and got dressed & ready (took about 35 mins total) after plugging my phone into my iMac. When I got out my phone was at 42%, the phone was plugged in, mind you and had started at 45%.


    I switched out the 10 different cables and 20 different USB ports thinking that perhaps, just perhaps some odd thing happened where my MacBook Pro USB ports went dead, and that all the others had too...  and still, no charge would apply to the phone. So I eliminated EVERY possibility that it was hardware outside of the phone.


    All of a sudden when it hit 40% as I was on a call talking about how I was going to throw my phone through Apples windows, it went up to 41% and has VEEEEEERY SLOOOOOOWWWLY been going up since. It's been an hour and I am sitting at 47% now, so it's basically charging at 7% per hour, which would equate to a 14.285 hour charge time to reach 100% from a 0 point. 8.572 hours from a 40% to 100% charge.




    I've been using Apple products for over 20 years and aside from a processor issue in one of my Quicksilver Macs, I haven't had an issue to date.


    THIS is just unacceptable because this affects my ability to contact clients and perform business functions when I am not around a computer, which is often.

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    I have seen this issue multiple times on my 16gig 4s. I have had it since Decemeber 2011.

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    This is happening to me.  My phone will charge to 95%.  If I unplug and replug the charger, the battery will charge to 100%.  Then I experience a 10% loss of battery life every hour (standby).  If I use any apps, my phone will lose 20% battery life every hour. 


    Here are some things I have done (with no avail):


    Restored my phone to factory default

    Made sure no apps are running in the background

    Brightness is set to as low as it can go

    Turned off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use

    Turned off location settings for all apps


    For expiremental purposes, I placed my phone in Airplane Mode.  My phone still had the 10% loss of battery life and would not charge to a full 100%

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    Anyone got any clues on this, I thought I was going crazy when I first started waking up to it a few days ago, but my 4S has been as good as gold since I got it at christmas until about a week ago.


    I went through apple UK support and he did diagnostics with me, he said it seems software related as I had already changed the mains charger and cable, i'd done a restore (from a backup).


    So today I have done a reset of the phone and set it up as a new iPhone. Here's hoping that it is fixed in the morning when I wake up, else I will want some answers...

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    Keep trying to tell people, the ONLY time I have experienced this phenomenon is when I leave any app open, to fix this problem, simply double click home button, close any and all apps still open, plug in to charge phone, don't open any more apps, if you must open an app while charging, after you're done with the app, unplug, close all apps again and re plug the phone to charge... If you do not take these steps exactly as I just posted them, then you will experience some sort of charging error where the battery stops charging at about 92%-97%.


    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me on this post here!