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    Well after doing a clean restore and setting up as a new phone, it now charges too 100%


    BUT, as soon as I unplug I am at like 98%. I noticed that "setting the time" was being used in system location services so I have turned that off. I will check tomorrow how things go.

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    I get only 93% of battery after an overnight charge.

    Iphone 4s 32 Gb, IOS 5.0.1.

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    Just wanted to add that I have this problem too.  The best way to summarize it is that when the iPhone 4S is being charged, left alone in standby, it eventually (and at a random time) ceases to realize that it is plugged in to a power source, stops charging and starts to use the battery.  While the 4S is plugged in to its power source, you'll see the green battery logo at the top will no longer have the 'plug' or 'lightning bolt' on it (this problem always happens while the phone is at rest as far as I can tell).  The phone's battery power will thus begin to drain accordingly.  How low it goes depends on how long you wait before checking the phone and realizing it's been on standby using battery power, despite being plugged in. 


    Quickly taking it out of the dock or unplugging it and putting/plugging it back in always fixes the problem for me (and everyone else who has this problem).  This is the only way to fix the problem.


    I think it's a software issue and I sure hope Apple reads this stuff here and figures this problem out.  For me, this problem, Siri freezing on startup for 5-15 seconds when attached to bluetooth devices, and poor battery life in general are the 3 biggest issues I have with the new iPhone 4S.

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    I had hoped that the iOS 5.1 update would fix my iPhone 4S' discharging problem, but it persists. This morning, for instance, my phone was at 91 percent, even after having been in the charger for over 12 hours.


    That's unacceptable. Apple needs to fix this.

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    Just to let you all know, I've fixed my charging problem by allowing the battery to completely discharge (until the unit turned itself off) twice. Then fully charging. My phone now shows 100% after charging overnight.

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    I've tried a full discharge, but the problem came back after a while. After upgrading to iOS 5.1, the problem of my iPhone 4S discharging while in the charger seemed to go away. But given that I don't always look at my iPhone in the charger, it may be that my phone is discharging while I'm not looking at it. In any case, this morning it was 91 percent.


    Here is what I woke up to after my iPhone 4S had been charging for over 12 hours.



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    Yes this has happend to me again for the first time this morning.  After I updated to 5.1 when it was released it was working great and never had this issue anymore until this morning!!!  Not sure how or why it has come back???????  I hope Apple will resolve this issue once and for all soon.

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    This morning is also the first time it's happened to me since the iOS 5.1 update. My phone was in the charger, but was discharging.

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    Ohhhhh I'm ticked. I bought my verizon iPhone in October. No problems. So, I bought one for my husband, big mistake. His phone was drained to 45% this morning. Kicker is, this isn't his first phone. The original one was replaced last Monday for the same issue. I have a million Apps on my phone and I've never closed a single one. My husband as something like 10 and closes the programs every evening. We share the same chargers.


    So, do I return this one again? What are the odds I'll find this problem again. These screen protectors are $25 bucks a pop. If I have to get a third that will be $75 dollars I've spent just to get a phone that works!  This is an Apple product and should run like such.... or it should be priced as such.


    As it is running now, it's a paper weight, not a phone. My husband had to take the old spare clam shell Fred Flinstone phone with him out of town because the iPhone doesn't function well enough.

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    I have the same problem with charging the battery with original charger. But If I charge my Iphone 4S from a computer via USB cable, battery is alwyas charged to 100%. I think it is a problem with a charger!!!

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    For me, the phone shows 100% but when I remove the charging cable, sometimes it jumps down to between 97 and 99%.  If this happens, the battery indicator depletes quicker than usual.  I do a reset on the phone (holding down the sleep/wake and home button till Apple logo appears.  On return, the indicator is showing 100% and battery life is very good.


    This happens a few times a week to me.  Annoying to reset but it works.  Wish I had a permanent solution.

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    Today I woke up to my iPhone displaying only 30% battery power despite having been plugged in all night.  I unplugged and replugged in the cable.  (By the way, I have a 4S with iOS 6.) The charge still only showed 30% after about 10 minutes, so I went online and found these posts.  Finally, I turned my phone off and rebooted.  When it came back on, the battery showed that it was 100% charged.  It did charge, just didn't display correctly.  Afterwards, I used the phone without noticing any significant drop in charge.  Everything looks normal.  So try powering down when you think it's not charging.  Despite the battery issues, this device is absolutely amazing.  So powerful!  Works better than my iPad 1 (faster) AND it's a phone too!  Truly amazing!

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    I've been having problems with my iPhone 4S for weeks now. At first, the phone will not automatically recognize the charger so I have to plug it a couple of times. Onced plugged and recognized, it's ok. Then it got worse. It will take forever and by chance for the phone to recognize the charger. I also had a couple of incidents that it will only recognize the charger when the battery is drained but it will turn on when it reaches 4% and will stop charging. Currently, my phone only charges when the battery is drained and will require overnight. I'm guessing this is software problem. What to do? Ugh.

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    Mine has been doing this forever.  Even after exchanging it for a new phone.  I don't believe this problem will ever be solved.  Best of luck!  Happy TG.

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    My husband experienced this problem twice already with his 4s! Last time he had the software previous to 6.1.1, and this time he has the latest software- 6.1.3 and still the problem exists!


    Yesterday he plugged it into the socket using our usual charger and left it for 1.5 hours. When i checked it to unplug it, it showed 90%! I left it for another 20 minutes and still it showed 90% and the sign - fully charged (you know this icon in the corner). Since I am against leaving the phone charging overnight  I unplugged it.

    In the morning my husband found the phone charged on 1%!!!! so it wet down from 90% to 1% overnight!

    And that's taking into account the fact that my husband hardly had any applications installed and his email is never checked automatically (which eats the power!!!). so nothing can really discharge it even on 5% overnight!


    In the morning I decided to switch it off and turn it on again. I did switch it off and never went on!

    My husband took it to work, plugged it into computer and socket (tried different ways) was plugged into the socket for 6 hours!!! and in 6 hours it turned on only to show 1%!!!!


    He brought it back home where I was to bring it back to factory settings (the thing that helped him 2 month ago when we first experienced this problem with this iPhone).

    I plugged it into the laptop and tried to reset it using itunes. Everything went well (the phone showed 1% all the time), until the program needed to reboot the phone to finish the process of reseting. The phone was turned off and it never turned on again!!!! So the reset failed!


    Now it's dead again and been like that for couple of hours already and I cannot even bring it back to factory settings (which really helped us before. But before the charging time was a bit less and even though it went dead as well, when it came back to reality it showed 3-4% straight away and that was enough to reset it (bring it back to factory settings).


    So what should I do now?


    I bought it in the states and I live it Russia and starting last fall Apple store stopped exchanging their products worldwide!!!! I can only exchange it by bringing it back to the States!!!!


    Apple! I have already contacted your support a few months ago with this problem and noone helped me. Will this be resolved?! What am I supposed to do now?!