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My husband and I have one iTunes account -- we have since the beginning of iTunes.  On Saturday, he could not log on with his user name, so he created a new one.  I have been able to use that account on my Mac Book Pro in iTunes (successfully downloaded a song), but my phone and iPad are both still attempting to sync to the old account name (even though I've hard synced them with my Mac Book).  I have my own Apple id -- my own Mobile me account.  I have not moved them to iCloud yet. 

When I go to the Store setting on the phone -- it does not show his old account name, but my Mobile me account.  Am I supposed to enter his account name/pasword here?  I am scared to death to overwrite my contacts, etc.

Should I move my Mobile Me to iCloud -- entering the store id he has now?  Everything was working fine until he had to change his id on Saturday (I put that down to conflicting apple ids and iTune account names left over from an idiot Apple store worker years ago, who set up his iMac without asking if he HAD an id already.

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    icloud Apple-ID can be  different then your STORE Apple-ID.


    If you enter a new Apple-ID in Appstore // iTunes // iBooks etc - you will lose your purchases as they are tied and hardcoded to the Apple-ID that was used when you initially bought them.


    iCloud Apple-ID is entered in the iCloud system setting - both in your iOS5 device as wll as on all Macs/PCs that should be included in the sync scheme . This typically is your @me.com / @mac.com - i.e. the one you moved from MobileMe over to icloud or the one you generated new in iClouds initial setup dialog.


    If one Mac/PC uses a different Apple-ID for the iCloud, it is ok so, but it will not sync with the others.

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    Thanks but you're wrong -- my husband changed his store id and did not lose his music.  I changed my computer store id to his new one and did not lose my music tied to his/our account.  But I am not on iCloud yet -- still on Mobile me to sync over the air with contacts etc.  I always hard "sunk" my music.

    What you seem to be saying is that once I switch to iCloud, I will lose all the music?  Or, if my Mac Book is authorized on the iTunes account (which it is) I can change the apple id on my phone and iPad -- again, problem is -- that is under Store.

    Given how convoluted that all got to type, I'm going to the Genius bar and am going to let them sort me out before I move to iCloud or try anything else.

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    Given how convoluted that all got to type, I'm going to the Genius bar and am going to let them sort me out before I move to iCloud or try anything else.

    A wise decision. MobileMe to iCloud has caused a lot of question marks and has already people loosing stuff, yes.


    You must make sure that your equippment is iCloud ready, meaning Lion and iOS5. If there are machines or devices left that can't run this software, you will run into traumatic issues. I see everday SnowLeopard and iOS4  Users that accidently moved their accounts  , assuming it would somehow be no problem and now have no access to their Mail,contacts, you name it.