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I have a bunch of old movies that were recorded in stereo, pre-Dolby, and of course, a bunch of newer in Dolby Digital.  After upgrading to Apple TV iOS 4.4.2 yesterday, I now find that the Settings/Audio & Video/Dolby Digital/Auto setting no longer works. 


I just started a new iTunes downloaded movie with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and noticed that it was playing in PCM stereo-only mode for some reason.  I then tried a couple of other older iTunes downloaded movies with 5.1 sound, and they all were playing in the same old PCM stereo mode, as well.  To get the new movie to play in 5.1 sound, I had to manually change the above Dolby Digital setting to ON.


A similar issue applies to older movies in pre-Dolby stereo.  If the above setting is set to Dolby Digital ON, those older movies switch from normal stereo to Dolby Digital 1.0/Center channel only sound, so I have to either switch the Dolby Digital setting to OFF or back to Auto, which defaults to PCM stereo for everything now.


Is anyone else experiencing this change?  The Auto function worked perfectly for me before this upgrade.


I'm using an Apple TV 2 with an optical connection to my audio amplifier.  The movie is streaming over my wired gigabit Ethernet home network from my iMac.

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.2)