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I have an ipad 64 3g.  I have been downloading books from ibooks with no problem until a couple of weeks ago. I tried to load some free ebooks and also a couple of purchased books and they show that I have purchased them but when I sync them across to my ipad they show up as if the download has not completed.  I have deleted these a few times on my laptop and then reloaded, they sync across to the ipad and I think everything is fine.  A day or so later I go to open one of these up and it again won't open up.  I now have half a dozen books that I can't open on the ipad, I can't delete them from the ipad because it thinks they are not completed but these show up on my laptop as having been downloaded.  I have also tried rebooting the ipad after reading a couple of forums which recommended this to solve the problem but no luck.  I am running ios5 and all apps are up to date.  I am fairly new to the ipad but I have to say I am getting fairly frustrated and am stumped.  Any suggestions to solve this problem?

iPad 2, iOS 5