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Having trouble updating my girlfriend's iPhone 4 to iOS 5. It is jailbroken. We wish to take the jailbreak off because I told her that it is not a good feature at all and it voids her warranty. She didn't even ask for her iphone to be jailbroken, the guy at the kiosk who sold her the phone did it anyways because HE likes his stuff jailbroken. She wants it removed as she didn't even know what it was. I told her that the Apple store can possibly remove it if she explains that she never asked for it to be jailbroken in the first place. I tried updating her iPhone remotely from where I am in California, as she is in Thailand, but it goes through the process of backing up, the progress bar hardly moves at all, then it just stops and it never updates. The updated software downloaded fine, but it just will not update. Could it be because of the jailbreak? How do you restore it to factory settings and remove the jailbreak before updating to iOS 5? Is that even necessary, or should she be able to update to iOS 5, thus finally removing that jailbreak garbage? Thank you for anyone who is able to help. She has synced her iPhone once, well, I did, via remotely, and it backed up and synced fine, but when it goes through the process of updating to iOS 5, that's when we run into some issues. Will Apple be lenient with her because she never asked for it to be jailbroken nor understood what the guy was telling her? She wants it off as she doesn't nor ever wants to use it.

iPhone 4, iOS 5 (Verizon)
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    Once you jail broke the phone, you were on your own.

    You have voided your warranty and lost the ability for us to help you.


    Go to the people who supplied the jail break for help or search google.

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    Did you not read anything I said? I said she never wanted the jailbreak. That the man who sold her the iphone took it upon himself to jailbreak the phone and she is not happy.

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    It's jail broken, doesn't matter who did it.

    Warranty is voided, we can't help you.


    We don't know what the jail break did or how the software was altered from its original state.

    Google search your problem.

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    Thanks for being compassionate, dude.

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    The reality of jailbreaking an iPhone is that you may never be able to install a stock firmware on the phone, depending on how it was jailbroken. This is one of the big downsides to doing so. The terms of use here prohibit the discussion of jailbroken iPhones...this is an Apple owned forum. From your post, it would appear that this phone cannot be restored using a stock firmware. I can only suggest that she return the phone & get her money back or sell it to someone who wants to mess with a jailbroken iPhone.

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    I suppose that would apply here had I been gabbing on and on about jailbreaking. But I am not "discussing" jailbreaking, I am trying to get rid of that worthless piece or software. I personally have the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone and will never mess with the iOS. But a little compassion and understanding about an issue that my gf didn't know was going on would have been much nicer than "Deal with it!" which is basically what you both are saying in not so many words.

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    I know this is late but all u gotta do is restore the iphone and no one will know