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Hi all,


I'm currently running AST 1.0.9 and having some problems (mainly, when I netboot a client machine to it, it says "There is a problem with Gateway Manager." When I log into the server and open Gateway Manager, it just sits there forever and says "Looking for Gateway Controller.")


I tried contacting Apple's AST support folks and they didn't have an answer for me. They said to simply search for AST within GSX and I would find a download link to version 1.1.1, however, when I search within GSX (now gsx2.apple.com since they updated), the ONLY thing I can find related to AST is a short article describing how it works. No download links, no nothing.


Does anybody know where I can actually download the latest version? I've tried searching through Apple's various support pages, GSX, and of course Google as well. I have found nothing so far.

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    I have to have a global support account to download it from here. Any scope of getting a diagnostic without such an account.

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    Thank you.

    You just provided me a backdoor.

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    wow! @lostwar, you're right... no clue why I didn't try this before! All I need to do now is get osx server and I'm sorted

    Oh, and I'd suggest you delete that comment before many more people notice and they close the 'hole'.

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    Thanks a bundle @ClassicII!

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    I downloaded what I needed, I don't need the hole anymore.

    Moreover service manuals are now HTML pages. I spoke to a person who works inside apple about this.

    They are a bit uncertain on what to use (see PDF in Sales Training site)


    You can use AST even without a sold-to number. I discovered it. Search on the web.

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    Hi There,


    Have been pulling my hair out for the last few days trying to get AST to work.



    Don't know if your still active on the forums but can you elaborate on how you get AST to work without a sold-to number ?, I have tried everywhere high and low but cannot find anything.


    I have OS X 10.9.5 with Server.app and AST 1.5.4v13 however when I netboot a 2009 MacBookPro it just says "Gateway Manager Need's your attention".


    To get around that, in the NetInstall service I reconfigure the netboot image to say "allow all macs" as before it has a specific list of macs which can boot from it(of which my mbpro is actually in the list which again I don't understand).


    After that I actually get to the main AST screen but no tools are available, the AST and ADR buttons at the top right are red.


    I have looked everywhere, tried fresh installs, new setups, unpacked the AST pkg's and looked the code, checked the 3 services that control AST and watched all the files they access but nothing, from what I've read you should be able to get AST to work without ADR authentication as that is simply to unpload logs to apple. However in the Gateway Manager logs, when a Apple computer connects the first thing it says is along the lines of "this server has not been activated with ADR............."


    Any ideas ?

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    Any news from this I know It is weird though ... let me know if you find something ....thanks


    Also do you know what is AST found server issues [Missing Entry Tool] ?


    Do you know what's UUT's.