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Hi all,


I'm currently running AST 1.0.9 and having some problems (mainly, when I netboot a client machine to it, it says "There is a problem with Gateway Manager." When I log into the server and open Gateway Manager, it just sits there forever and says "Looking for Gateway Controller.")


I tried contacting Apple's AST support folks and they didn't have an answer for me. They said to simply search for AST within GSX and I would find a download link to version 1.1.1, however, when I search within GSX (now gsx2.apple.com since they updated), the ONLY thing I can find related to AST is a short article describing how it works. No download links, no nothing.


Does anybody know where I can actually download the latest version? I've tried searching through Apple's various support pages, GSX, and of course Google as well. I have found nothing so far.

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