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    Switched the Cell Location back on and forgot about it. No sooner than that evening I was out getting dinner and my connection wouldn't come up. For my phone I would say the setting is DEFINITELY related to a connection issue of some sort.

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    Thanks randroid. I have gone 2 weeks without data loss since turning off cell location service.

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    Hi guys,


    after using my iphone 4s since January (from last week on 5.1.1), yesterday started to lose connection and today I am not even able to unlock it anymore.


    I will try to replace the sim card, but it might prove insufficient.


    Let me know if something new comes out.

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    I tried the cell location suggestion but unfortantely I'm averaging 1 data connection loss daily. It worked great for 2 days but the last 3 days I've had to reboot. A coworker of mine is having the same problem and took his phone to the Apple Store and they did some special firmware update. It worked great for a week and then back to the normal data loss. So freaking annoying.

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    Another post for the same issue on my iPhone 4. I have been experiencing this for a month now. Everything works fine until auto-lock. When I unlock it to access email or anything on ATT data service (with full bars), I am unable to connect to anything other than wifi to access data. First called ATT and logged a case, then went to Apple with the problem. They were able to take the phone in for diagnosis under warranty service. Interestingly enough they sent it back unrepaired and "claimed" water damage which is BS. The funny thing is that it arrived to me with case screws unscrewed and something from the inside came out. So another round of sending it in to Apple but this time I received a new phone. Received it last night and funny enough, still experiencing this intermittent connectivity issue. Today I swapped to a new SIM. No change. Still ef'd. ATT case is now open. My patience is getting very thin and my faith in Apple/ATT is very low. Weighing whether to switch to new platform at this time.

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    I had the same exact issue after I changed my iPhone at the apple store due to speakers not working.  Losing cell network and had to restart (this was almost 2 weeks ago).  A friend of mine from NY told me that after almost 6 months that he had the same issue the Apple genius told him to go ATT store and ask them to change the SIM card.  Sometimes by simply touching a SIM card static can mess it up.  He hasn't had any issues ever since.


    I changed my SIM last night at the ATT store (the guy wore a glove indeed) since last night I haven't had any issues regarding losing cell connection that I had to restart.  Since two weeks ago that I changed my iPhone I had to restart it 3 to 4 times a day to get cell connection back.  Since last night everything is working awesome (knock on wood).


    My guess is when the apple guy changed my iPhone the static messed up my SIM card when he witched it becuase I didn't have this connection issue with my old iPhone 4s.  Hope this helps.

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    So last week I went and switched out my sim card at an AT&T store. I had no problems for half a day and then I lost data again. I then went to an Apple store and gave them my whole story and they gave me a new iPhone with the new sim that I received from AT&T. About 4 hrs later the same problem again.


    So then I restored the phone as a new phone with just the stock apps. I did this a couple of months ago with it not fixing my problem but three days later and data is working fine. Then I added back all my email accounts except my work account (which is an exchange account) and that worked great for the next 3 days. So 2 days ago I added back my exchange email account and have not had any problems.


    I still need to load back all of my apps but so far so good. Not sure if iOS got jacked up but so far so good.

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    I had the same problem in Mexico. After a couple of days trying several options, this one worked for me:


    I replaced the original APN for Telcel (my mobile provider) with a custom one, by visiting on mobile Safari. Since then (more than 48 hours), 3G works every time I leave a wifi spot.


    Hope it works for you guys!

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    After 3 weeks without a phone and another 6 hours spent between ATT and Apple tech support, I received another new phone through warranty repair. That makes 3 phones later. I am on day 5 with new phone. I am cautiously optimistic that the problem is solved with this new phone. I am slowly adding email, apps, etc. back on to it. sucky thing is that I am not using back up to restore. Using as new phone in order to keep everything fresh. So far so good.


    My advice....keep at it. Start with ATT and log a case. Make sure when you call ATT support ask immediately to go to IT Support. If you don't you will be in the Tier I loop of dispair and troubleshooting that just doesn't work. If you run into any probs, head to the ATT store and ask an associate to stay on the call with you and have them speak to the support person and ask for IT Support, not Tier I troubleshooting. After several SIM card swaps and trying my SIM in "test phones" in an ATT store, ATT will rule out the problem being with their network and log an Apple Case ID. I was gettng really frustrated throughout this process with ATT but I stuck with it. At the end when they handed me over to Apple, they offered to credit my account $38 for my time and being patient. That was surprising to me and meant a lot. Thank you ATT.


    So when ATT transferred me to Apple, the first thing the Apple person did was to run me through the same steps that ATT did...BORING and doesn't work. But keep at it. I eventually had them send the warrnaty repair box with a phone swap and here I am today with a working phone.


    Good luck!

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    I am having the same issues. I have a Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s and am running it on T-Mobile. My data drop issues started about a month ago. I have been running iPhones on T-Mobiles network for about three-and-a-half years now, and have never had any problems before this. I don't have have any fixes to report, I just wanted to add to this thread so that hopefully if it gets long enough, apple will take a look at the problem.

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    Hi, all.  I was one of the early posters on this thread, and continue to struggle with this problem.  Question to the group:  has anyone actually solved it?  I see lots of "..I'm going to try this and see how it works..." but then lose track of the result.


    I keep updating the software when Apple comes out with updates, and honestly, I think the last upgrade made the problem worse.


    I have a company phone, and our IT department is willing to work with me, including replacing the SIM card and sending the phone back to Apple for a replacement. But honestly, I don't want to go through the trouble if the 4S is hopelessly doomed, and it will be for nothing.


    So, has anyone solved this?  And so, how?


    Many thanks!

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    Ok, same issue: iPhone 4S (factory unlocked), connected via Wifi, after going off Wifi the 3G Network is multi-bar, calls work but Internet access hangs (iMessage sends forever, wont receive, Safari sits with a small blue bar, etc).  Requires a phone reset.


    I am on ROGERS 3G.  This is not an At&T specific carrier issue, in other words.  Carrier hiccups (slow internet or failed calls) do happen but tend to just require an airplane mode cycle.


    Reading the thread, here is what makes sense as the most likely causes:


    1. The 5.1 OS or baseband update mucked something up with the Wifi/3G swap.  These problems did not occur prior to March 2012 if I recall, so it seems the likely culprit.  What I don't understand is if Apple acknowledges thiis or if there's a way to revert to 5.0 to test this.  Probably would have to visit the unlock boards to see if they've figured out a baseband revert on the 4S - might not be doable.  Apple hopefully will confirm and fix this prior to the Fall, or at least in ios 6.  I can live with reboots through the next month or so if I know a fix is coming...


    2. The second possible cause is the SIM card itself.  I swap SIMs every month or so when I'm traveling stateside to my AT&T SIM.  I perhaps have gotten a fingerprint on it badly the last time or static mucked it up.  The only reason I am skeptical is that this doesn't fit the pattern where my changing Wifi connectivity usually coincides with hung 3G.


    I will try to take a dust free cloth to give it a good wipe and see.  I may also bite the bullet for a month and see if my AT&T SIM roaming in Canada exhibits the same issue.

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    I have been trying everything in the last weeks.


    Upgrade of the software (5.1.1)


    New SIM card

    Restore and backup

    Restore only


    But in 3G, also abroad, the data connection drops and also the voice connection with it, so it just doesn't work. There are some areas in the country (only my home so far; I live in Belgium now) in which it works fine with 3G.

    The problem is clearly the 3G antenna. If you switch the 3G antenna off and keep an eye that the iphone does not restore it by itself (it happens that the Iphone switches by itself on the 3G antenna), the iphone works fine with EDGE.


    Of course, this is still quite an issue. Apple offers to replace it under its international warranty (I also have Apple Care+) but, if you bought the cellphone in the US and in the meantime you moved to Europe, forget about replacement in your country. As hardware issue (I haven't really bought the software since I have an iPad too), you would need to bring the iphone to an US apple store. I cannot even send it by courier.

    This is absurd since they sold me an international warranty. The trick is that in the policy of their INTERNATIONAL warranty, they say 'we MAY restrict hardware support in other countries than the one of origin...blabla'.

    Really? I want to know their lawyers.

    Besides that you cannot restrict the core service of your contract with a general and vague clause like that (you need to say in which specific circumstances the warranty does not hold anymore and then in which country), they clearly missell the product with an international warranty that in the end is not international. I liked and perhaps still like Apple, but this is not the way you treat customers.


    I fear that the monopolistic market share is transforming Apple in what Google has become already some years ago.


    In any case, I have opened a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (consumer agency) and I'll bring it till the end.


    Good luck!

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    My iPhone 4S still has this issue everyday. 


    I called ATT support today and they transfered me to Apple to get a third replacement phone.  I dont think its going to help, but what the ****!


    I can tell you this - I am not buying an iPhone 5 when it comes out because of this horrible experience.  Apple, you have lost your luster.

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    Ok. Here is my update. It seems to work now on my phone (Factory Unlocked iPhone 4s running on U.S. T-Mobile network) I'm sure my fix will not make AT&T or Verizon users very happy. But it seems that the issue has everything to do with the "Enable 3G" being turned on. After having data loss everyday (multiple times a day for months) I turned off  "Enable 3G" and I have not had any data drops now for two days. Although turning 3G off does not effect me, being that iPhones running on T-Mobile can only use the Edge network it is a pretty severe problem for other users. Give it a try, if it works then I would recomend calling Apple and filing a complaint. Reference this discussion in the complaint... I did.

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