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  • TonyTech07 Level 1 (0 points)

    Being a user who has experienced this issue sporadically since purchasing my iPhone 4S (AT&T) on the day of its launch last month (Oct. 14), and after reading every comment in this discussion, I am inclined to believe the root cause of the "data connection loss" to be either an 1) iOS 5 and 5.01 defect; and/or, 2) iPhone 4S modem hardware/modem driver defect.


    At times I have had 3-5 bars of 3G signal; though, unable to send SMS messages, send and receive emails, access websites using Safari, and utilize any app that requires an Internet connection.  I am able, however, to place and receive voice calls every time this issue arises.


    Updating my device from iOS 5 to iOS 5.01 last week (Nov. 11) did not resolve this issue.


    I attempted to bring this to the attentions of AT&T and Apple.  Both parties have requested that I perform a factory reset on my device, which I have done on two separate occasions, however, without any resolution to this issue whatsoever.


    I agree with all of those in this and other Apple Support Community discussions who strongly urge Apple to acknowledge and disclose this issue to its affected customers.  Shame on Apple for not only withholding such action, but for wasting their resources and customers' time by swapping defective used iPhones for defective new iPhones.

  • SilverDollars Level 1 (0 points)

    Ironically, as I was reading the text of this latest reply (above), it happened to me again.


    I have noticed that if I go to the settings --> General --> Network and turn cellular 3G off and then back on, this seems to reset the connection and then it works. This has happened consistently lately (i.e. I have not needed to reboot the entire device). It is still a pain, but easier than a reboot. I am not sure if just toggling WiFi would solve the issue on the WiFi side.


    Because it is so easy to reset the 3G issue with a 3G on/off, it sounds like it really must be iOS triggered and not hardware?

  • Deepisum Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi there. I've had the 4s since launch and before the update I experienced the compete drop of signal about once or twice a day. Mainly at home and at work. At home I get 1-2 bars of 3G so thought nothing of it. But at work I get full 3G reception and speeds. But occasionally it completely drops connection for no reason. Turning airplane mode on then off doesn't do anything. Respring seems to do the job. After ther the update I experience this issue a bit more often. A this very moment I'm at a fiends house where there is a 3G mast approx 400 meters away and all I got is full bars of reception with no 3G. Just gsm "o" And sopped reception complete moments ago. So so frustrating. Going to have to return the phone back to apple to see if it is hardware problem.

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    I am also having this problem, I am new to IPhone so not sure if this was happening at the start. But I was thinking could it be that when you switch from WIFI to 3G and back again that the routes for the interfaces are not getting dropped ? I have installed an app that will show the routing tables on the iphone (cant change anything) will keep you posted.

  • vivarey Level 1 (0 points)

    Having the same problem!


    iPhone 4S

    AT&T California (Los Angeles)

    Strong signal w/3G icon

    No data connection!


    When I restart the phone, it works again. This has happened multiple times.


    I've only had the phone for about a week. Should I return it? Or wait for an official acknowledgment from Apple? It's okay if it will take a few weeks to fix via a software update.. I just want to know it's a software problem and not a hardware problem.

  • anestech* Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, the replacement phone is not any better.  Still having data drops on both wifi and Sprint network.  New phone seems worse than the old one, but I'm sure that's just my frustration.  So I'm pretty sure this must be a software bug or app related issue.  Hopefully enough people complain that something happens soon!  Thankfully my eNotify app alerts me when it fails to connect with the mail servers due to no data connection so I at least know when there is a problem proactively.

  • vivarey Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I don't think a replacement phone would make any difference. If it's hardware, it's widespread. I've contacted AppAdvice about this problem to see if we can get some blog coverage. I suggest others contact other blogs, too!

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    Having the same issue. I updated to 5.0.1 but everything is still the same. Very bad I cannot use my 3G connection normally. I cannot be confident with the indicator of 3G connection as it goes form full bars 3G to bull bars GRPS without even moving the phone. Very frustrating. Iut ruins completely the iPhone experience. I had an iPhone3GS before this 4S and worked like a charm. No  i'm very angry with this random connection problem. i'm holding the phone with hope its a software problem and apple fixes it soon. If the problem continues after the new update I will then test with a duplicated sim to discard problems with microsim. If then the problem does not resolve I will have to replace the iPhone.

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    After being plagued by this problem for awhile, I haven't had any problems recently.  I'm convinced it has something to do with wifi.  I was having internet connection problems at home with my ISP (hello, Comcast!) and the wifi at work is spotty.  The wifi at home has been fixed, and I deleted the wifi setup at the office, so data is exclusively 3G at work and there is a smooth wifi connection at home.  Connect to wifi network selection in settings is off.  And now no lost email connections since these fixes.  At least of this writing.  My theory is that when the phone is unsuccessfully searching for wifi it is unable to make the connection through 3G.  Just a unscientific opinion, but there it is.

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    I'm an iphone 4S user from Toronto on the Rogers network experiencing data connection problems as well. Bought mine from the Apple Store online. I have no problems connecting to wifi, but have daily problems connecting to 3G.  Sometimes I can't get a 3G signal at all, sometimes it kicks me to Edge and sometimes data doesn't work even when the 3G symbol show connection.


    Like the rest of you, I've searched high and low for possible solutions, tried resetting network settings, upgraded to 5.01 and nothing has changed. Was going to bring it in to an Apple store for a replacement, but it seems others have done and experienced the same problems with replacement phones.


    I didn't experience any problems with my iPhone 4 and almost tempted to return my 4S and revert back to the 4. Very frustrated that I paid so much money to upgrade to the latest and greatest and the phone simply doesn't work properly. I choose to be an Apple customer because their products provide great user experiences, but the iPhone 4S has been the exact opposite.

  • AR.Iphone Level 1 (0 points)

    I think your right, i changed my wifi setup at home and after that the iphone has been having issues connecting. The strange thing is i can receive iMessages but cant send anything. i was going to wipe the phone and rebuild it but i dont think it will do much good.

  • nicewallpaper Level 1 (0 points) double R7, am a Rogers user from Toronto.  I've been having network connection issues right from the get go.  In fact, the network congestion in the downtown core was so bad, when my 4S was getting activated, the Rogers guy couldn't even find a connection in the store!  Said it was due to the volume of people at the Apple store, Bell, Telus and Rogers, all hooking up phones..


    My phone seems to be able to access the data network right up until about 10am, then only works periodically throughout the day.  I assume it's because my office is located right in the core, and 10am is when stores typically open and the network becomes congested.


    Rogers is looking into my issues, but at this point, I'm so frustrated, I'm considering giving this phone back and going back to my 3GS. worked slowly, but at least it worked!  The 4S seems to either work very well (at accessing the internet), or not at all.  It's very speedy, when it works.  But if it's rare that it works, why bother with it at all?!

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    I just got my iphone 4s 3 days ago. Day 2 I left my house and noticed this 3g data connection lose. When I upgraded my phone from the 4, I gave it to my wife. Never had this problem and still doesn't. I am on AT&T, both phones are 32 gb, which shouldnt matter. Both phones with the latest software, 5.0.1. Since i'm only having this issue on my brand new iPhone 4s, I'm extremely irritated. I have done all I, AT&T or Apple Genius can do. Reset network, hard reset, wiped the phone completly and reinstalled ios 5.0.1 from back up. No, I will not set as new phone. I should not need to nor will do. I have an appointment with Apple tomorrow.

    Wifi, works beautifully. It only happens on cellular data and only intermittently. Again, my iPhone 4 side to side still works perfectly fine.

    I have the decission to take the phone back and go back to my iPhone 4 while my wife goes back to her slow as a snail 3g since update 4.0. Thanks Apple, thank you so much for your wonderful updates. /sarcasm

  • cabledoc62 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I got a brand new phone and it's doing the same thing on 3G. Shows 3G, 4 out of the 5 bars and still won't connect on the Internet nor siri

  • oscarfromwhite plains Level 1 (0 points)

    I got my iPhone the same day it came out and I been having the same problems since then, losing 3G connections at random .... AT&T did a week test on my phone thru their network and the conclusion was that there is no problem from their network... They even gave me their report and tOld me that must be a hardware issued and to get a new iPhone from the apple store... People at the store don't even know how to deal with this issue and after alot of complaint I got a new 4s and still doing the Same problem... APple need to fix this problem soon bc is very embarrassing losing 3G connection randomly... Specially if u are among friEnds!!! Come on Apple fix the **** problem already !!!!!

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