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OK - I would like to delete an application from iTunes (I know how to do it from my iPhone, but that doesn't cause it to be deleted from iTunes) I downloaded for my iphone that I don't want to use anymore.  I know that sounds easy and I would love to have an easy answer.


I have googled this and have still not been able to do it.


So I click on my iPhone in the iTunes sidebar - I got to "Apps" and there they all are.


Some are checked - others not.  I would like to delete a few of the unchecked ones - permanently.


Now, before everyone goes crazy and suggests I simply hit the delete key on my macbook, I have tried that - nothing happens.


Under Edit - Delete - it is greyed out, so that isn't an option either. 


I have tried dragging the app to the trash - nothing happens. 


I can seriously not believe that either 1. I have not figured this out yet and/or 2. That deleting an app is this difficult.


Please tell me it is 1 and how to delete an app.

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    I delete them withut difficulty.


    Look under "Library".  The under Apps, then click on the app and hit the delete key.


    Is this what you are doing?


    I just tried it again.  it works fine.

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    UGH - thank you.  The 'trick' is that you have to have "apps" checked in iTunes - Preferences - General.  The only place you are able to see the apps otherwise is when you have connected your iPhone and you click on 'apps' there.


    So keep "apps" checked in iTunes - Preferences - General.  and you will be able to delete them regularly.


    Thank you!