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    IF your sister has a Verizon iPhone she needs to call Verizon about getting it unlocked. They will do it for her (or more accurately they will tell Apple it is OK to unlock it. Apple will actually do the unlocking)


    HOWEVER, Verizon will only unlock one phone every 10 months.  SO . . . IF your sister wants to unlock the next iphone she gets from Verizon any sooner than 10 months from now, be aware that she won't be able to.


    She needs to think about that.


    IF her iPhone is from AT&T she needs to call and ask what their policy is.


    IF she has it unlocked by Verizon/Apple THEN yes it will work with whosever SIM card you put into the SIM slot. So it should work with your carrier in India.  It will not be locked again if you sync it with iTunes. It is unlocked for good. Period. It will behave just like any other unlocked phone. With one exception: If you bring it back into the US and put a US carrier SIM into it, it will not work. In the US it will only work on Verizon's network OR on international roaming with another carrier.  Make sense?

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    Thanks Man...

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    Any ideas if they will do this same thing for the iPhone 5?

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    This is Verizon's standard unlocking policy. It's not specific to the iPhone so, there's no reason to think it would be different for the iPhone 5.

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    junglekingmowgli is 100% correct. After reading this string I called Verizon because I am leaving to Thailand for 1 year on a teach abrod program. I advised the Customer Service Rep I wanted to unlock my SIM card for international use and she transferred me to the "Global Tech" department. They unlocked my phone for international use only with any international carrier/Sim card. All I have to do when I get to Thailand is put my international SIM card in my phone and sync to iTunes. When I return to the states I repeat the same steps with my Verizon SIM card and it's permenant & works for any country. Thanks junglekingmowgli! You are a life


    Verizon Unlock.jpg

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    I have a Verizon iPhone 4s16GB.  I read on the internet that Verizon would unlock the phone for international travel.  I called Verizon's Global Travel Department.  They unlocked my iPhone and I was told that it would take 24 to 48 hours for the process to be completed.  They then gave me instructions on how to proceed when I was ready to travel.  They explained that when I inserted the foreign sim card and turned on the phone, I needed to be on wifi or plugged into iTunes so that the card could be identified as really being a foreign one.  This prevents the phone being used on another US Carrier's network.


    Last month I traveled to the Russian Far East for three weeks.  Upon arrival, I went to an MTS mobile store and bought a prepaid sim card for about $12.  I had to present my passport, give the address where I was staying and sign for the card.  They presented me with my local Russian phone number.  When I arrived at my friend's home with wifi, I inserted the card, turned on the phone and within 30 seconds I was an MTS customer complete with voicemail, all of my contacts, Apps and 3G data.  For the $12, I had all the local calls, texts, and data I needed for 3 weeks.  I have SKYPE on my iPhone when I wanted to make international calls back to the USA.  When I left the Russian Federation, I inserted my orginal Verizon sim card.  Arriving back at LAX, I turned on my phone and my Verizon account was all intact including voicemails while I was away.


    I sent a thank you email to Verizon's Global Travel Department.  It is my understanding that other carriers will not unlock their phones for travel.  USA Carrier's roaming fees ( including Verizon's) are very expensive.  Not only did Verizon make this easy and convienient, this was a substancial savings from their roaming rates.


    I hope this helps

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    I hope not to step on everyone toes here. Junglekingmowgli had the correct response the first time around. I have my 4S unlocked and it's been unlocked eversince. Go outside the US, any foreign SIM would work. Go back to the US, put in ATT SIM, it will search then find ATT network but then will inform ATT is not one of the approved valid network. That was a year ago. I guess back then no carrier would unlock your phone even at the end of term. Besides, the Qualcomm chipset inside 4S is totally compatible with 3G networks worldwide, and that could be the reason for banning ATT or Tmobile in the US to prevent attrition.

    Fast forward to now. I tried another expired ATT SIM on my 4S today and I saw something encouraging. It nolonger says things about ATT network anymore. Instead, it just searched and found ATT and acceoted the network. I will go buy a prepaid ATT SIM tomrrow to try again since this ATT SIM I have is expired long ago.

    Folks. Verizon no longer bans any network anymore as long as you fulfill the contract. This goes the same for ATT as my family use both.

    I hope this clarifies the point.

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    Ok After a long run reading all the comments about the topic I am still frustrated and confused.

    You help will be much appreciated.

    I live outside of US. Last year I have bought an iphone 4s (verizon) from an apple store in california without a contract. When I insert my international carriers sim which I bring together with me from Europe phone directly recognises the sim and the carrier and everything worked just fine until last week. It was almost a year since I have been using the phone outside of US without any Verizon contract or any service plan. iPhone went into No Service signal without any reason. Everything was perfectly working until 2 days ago. I have tried almost everything to make it work but nothing really helped. Does anyone have a clue what to do?

    Thank you in advcanve for your help

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    Call Verizon at 1 800 922 0204. Explain the whole situation. They will advise.

    Just for curiosity, what iOS version do you use?

    Have you tried plug your phone in iTunes and restore? I know that once the phone is unlocked, it is unlocked forever.

    Good luck!

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    thanks for the advise

    I am using 6.0.1 ios the last one apple announced at the moment

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    may i contact with verison via email or a form or anything else ?


    i am in Syria and need my iPhone to be unlocked ..... please help guys

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    Ceaser.Serka wrote:


    may i contact with verison via email or a form or anything else ?


    i am in Syria and need my iPhone to be unlocked ..... please help guys

    Verizon will only unlock phones for their own customers. Unless you have an account with them, they will not unlock the phone. Note: Verizon iPhone 5s are unlocked.

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  • Entropee Level 1 (15 points)

    NoMercy, you are a guy who I think can help me. I would like to use my iPhone 4S in the same way that you have been using your phone. I have a 4S that I purchased from Verizon but it is no longer on the Verizon network (I upgraded and got a new phone). I want to use my iPhone 4S when I travel abroad using a SIM card from a local cell phone carrier in the country I am visiting. It sounds like you have been doing this very same thing, since you seem to have a Verizon iPhone 4S that is no longer connected to the Verizon netwiork, but you are using it with a SIM card from a foreign cell phone company. Am I correct? I've asked several people whether this is possible, and I've gotten answers all over the map. Verizon says it is not possible, while Apple says it is. Have you been able to use a (formerly) Verizon iPhone 4S overseas with a SIM card from a foreign carrier

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    Dear Entropee

    I live in Turkey now and I am using my verizon iphones sim slot with a turkish network provider.I dont think it would be a problem for you to use the sim slot from the country you are in.But if the phone says no network in the up left corner.Than you have problem because this means phone is blaclisted by verizon and they want you to pay 140$ extra to delist the imei from the blacklist.So fat thats what I have done.If the phone is not blacklisted you can ferl free.I hope this helps.

    kind regards

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