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I have dowloaded Lion drivers from both Apple and Lexmark but everytime I try and add the printer to the list softwar update searchs for the driver and I am not able to manually find driver. How do I access and initiate the driver I have just downloaded?




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Penryn 15" 2.5gHz 6gig ram
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    If you downloaded the driver you have to install it. Otherwise it isn't there.

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    Thanks for reply.

    Sorry for not being clearer but I have installed both apple and lexmark packages and when I hit the + on the printer preferences pane the Add Printer window pops up. For the printer mentioned the fields are autopopulaeted with what appears to be the correct info. It is here, when I press the Add button that software  update is initiated. It tries to find what I presumably have just downloaded and installed. Eventually it quits with an error that the software I am looking for is not available at the moment. I can get the printer working by using the 'Generic Postscript Printer' in the 'Print Using' drop down men, but would prefer to use the native lexmark driver.


    tanks  Pat