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Fabe Level 3 (620 points)

I supposedly updated from Xcode 4.1 to 4.2, but I cannot find it. Where on my computer is it and how do I install it?

Thanks. I know this is a rookie question, but this is my problem.  - Fabe

  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)

    Use the Mac App Sote to download the installer, which will land in your Applications Folder, named 'Xcode Installer'....also viewed via Launchpad. Run that...it will create a folder named /Developer. Look inside there for Xcode...run that.

  • Fabe Level 3 (620 points)

    KT - Thanks. I inspected my Applications folder and discovered a file simply called "Install Xcode." It worked. Thanks you for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated. - Fabe

  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)

    Install Xcode is correct, my bad - now you're the new expert