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Sorry, I want to be clear.

If I buy the Pages app for my macbook w/Lion, do I have to buy it for my imac w/Lion, or do I get to redownload it and share it with both?

  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)

    if you buy the app in Lions appstore you can transfer it to your other Mac,too, provided it runs the same OS and handles the app well enough.


    See the fine print for legal issues.


    But - because you were asking in a different topic about icloud and documents :


    Fair warning : iwork for Mac is not icloud enabled, just a warning before you follow the hype of wanting to "sync your documents"... Mac does not sync office files, only iOS does this.


    It is a manual upload via Safari. So it is no matter if you use iwork,msoffice or openoffice to create files. Just any app that can create doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx and such.


    However you must buy the iwork apps on your iDevice : Without them you cannot upload anything in the safari iwork section at, you will see advertising only if you don't own the mobile apps.

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    According to this:


    If you are an individual acting in your personal capacity, you may download and use an application from the Mac App Store (“Mac App Store Product”) for personal, non-commercial use on any Apple-branded products running Mac OS X (“Mac Computer”) that you own or control.


    you should be able to use it on both machines (unless you are buying the iOS version - then you'd have to buy the regular version for Mac OS as well).

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    His intention is the "document in the cloud" stuff and to put office files on the icloud. But without purchasing the mobile apps he wont profit from pages on the Mac, cause there is zero sync.


    The upload to browser will only be activated once the iOS apps are present.


    Sorry, but I saw so many people purchasing only the Mac versions and they sit and wonder about the "magic sync" or "where is the "drag and drop" feature to the icloud ? ..


    And he wrote in other posts that he wants the icloud things in pages and co..

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    Okay - I was not aware of the other posts..... and yes, the expectations for iCloud far exceed its' capabilities.

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    Let me back track. Forget about my old version of iwork. I want to update both my imac and macbook to Lion.

    I want to buy the Pages app and create new docs in this app 

    Can I buy 1 pages app and will the app be shared between both machines? (in other words, can I redownload the app to the 2nd machine?)

    Answers please then I'll continues,

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    you buy the wanted app on Mac No.1 in MacAppStore.


    Log in to mac No2 onto MacAppStore with the same Apple-ID you used on MacAppStore on MAc No1 and then yes, it will be in your "purchased" list and can be re-downloaded.


    You can also just copy the app from one to the other Mac if both are yours.


    the software is tied to your Apple-ID, not to a specific machine.

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    You got your answer I see. And you just changed your username?

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    must be the moon tonight..



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    You're not supposed to see the moon (or anything else) considering what time it is where you are.....


    Seriously, I'm guessing the OP had to change the name since it was a complete email address which is not allowed.

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    lol, ok..


    I think he is downloading the app now. But expect him back when it comes to the cloud *sigh*

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    Yes, they asked me to change my username......Anyway..Thanks for all of your help everyone.


    So, Lets say that I have updated Both machines to Lion, then I buy the icloud/iOS app-"Pages", for machine 1...

    Then I redownload the app for machine 2....Will this work?.........yes?....  ok .........Now,

    Can I take older Pages docs that I created in regular old iwork 09 and now open them in machine 1 with new iOS app Pages? (old iwork 09 is Gone, it now does not exist...)......... AND,.....will it then push the doc to machine 2 without a problem?


    This is my question, thank you

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    Your documents from Mac OS X Lion and pages on it wont "push" anywhere, not to icloud and not to the other Mac.



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    Then I'm confused.

    Let me be very clear.

    I don't Have the "old" Pages on my mac OS Lion at all. I'm getting Ready to buy the IOS5 version of Pages to install into my machines. Will these IOS5 "Pages" Not work in my machines or are they just meant for iphones, ipads, etc


    If they do work in my machines, then, can I open an old Pages Document with this IOS5 app that I will be loading to my machine?


    Where is the confusion here?



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    The iOS version works on iOS devices (NOT computers).


    The regular Mac OS version works on Mac computers.


    iCloud is mostly for pushing your purchased iTunes content (music and video) to all your devices. It has very limited functionality as a regular syncing app; from a Mac, you have to access iCloud on

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