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I'm using FCE 4.01 to edit video shot with two Sony AVCHD cameras; my HDR-CX500 and a borrowed HDR-CX550.


The cameras appear to be similar except the 550 uses a hard drive for storage. The 500 is flash memory. Each is connected to my iMac via USB.


I used the FCE log&transfer utility to ingest the MTS files on my HDR-CX500 into the project, no problem. The media clips on the 500 showed up automatically in the L&T window.


The clips on the HDR-CX550 however, do not show up in the L&T window. These are the things I've tried:


- Verified that the 550 is USB connected. It shows on the desktop and I can view files on the camera in Finder.

- Used the 'Add Folder' button on L&T and browsed to the AVCHD folder on the 550. Got an error, '"AVCHD" contains unsupported media or has an invalid directory structure. Please choose a folder whose directory structure matches supported media'. I get the same error if I do the same thing on the 500 camera.

- Trashed FCE preferences. Previously the 'Easy Setup' dialog box just had the 'AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1440*1080i60'. Now it also shows the '1920*1080i60'.

- Waited for hours...one post said that if there are a lot of clips it might take a while. There are a lot of clips on the 550 so I left it for hours...nothing happened.


Other info:

- I'm an amateur

- I'd prefer not to mess with the existing files on the borrowed 550

- There are a couple of existing STD clips on the 550. They are in the MP_ROOT\101PNV01 folder with mpg extensions.

- I just created a STD clip on the 500. L&T still works.

- There are many jpg files on the 550. They are in the DCIM\101MSDCF folder. There are jpg files on the 500 too.

- The clips we shot on the 550 are 1920*1080

- The clips we shot on the 500 are 1440*1080

- The clips in the 500 appear in the L&T window even if the Easy Setup is set to 1920*1080


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Final Cut Pro X, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Final Cut Express