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I use Outlook on my Vista PC and back it up with my iPad. When I updated to IOS 5 and created a me.com iCloud account it completely wiped my Calendar off my iPad and my iPhone. Luckily I was able to go into Outlook via iTunes and recover the lot because I backed it up before installing IOS 5. But have turned off iCloud on my iPhone and iPad for now. My husband runsa Mac and did exactly the same procedure but all went well for him. So I'm assuming it is something to do with Outlooks' Calendar on a PC that doesn't occur with iCal on a Mac. If this is the case what is the solution? or isn't there one at this stage.

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    Have you tried going into the Preferences for iCloud on the Windows machine and unchecking the calendar sync function?  That should keep it from communicating with iCloud for Outlook's calendar but let other functions you want to keep working.

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    Sounds like the answer. Where is the iCloud program on Windows? Is it in Control Panel or in Outlook? Surely during Beta this must have come up this issue with Outlook Folder on a PC wiping the ipad and iphone calendar. Is it going to be fixed in an update?

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    If you go here http://www.apple.com/icloud/get-started there is a link to instructions on how to download andsetup the iCloud control panel for Windows PCs. Pretty straight forward and easy to do.


    From all of the comments on here, there are still things people need to sort out using the cloud...that will just take a little time and patience for all of us.


    The handling of calendars is a little confusing, syncing multiple calendars with similar entires seems to result in duplicates of the entiies...I've found that being aware of all my calendars and entries and care are necessary to keep things straight.

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    Try looking in the lower right corner , all those little icons by your clock. That's where my iCloud icon hides.

    In my outlook I also see an 'icloud' button, but I've had mixed results getting it to work. After iCloud wiped out all my contacts, I personally have stopped using it. I'll wait for them to work the bugs out before I deal with it again, but that's me. Others don't have the same feelings.