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Hey everyone,


I just got a new Apple TV and for some reason it will not detect my photos in Photo Stream. It works on all of my other devices, but it does nothing on my Apple TV.  


Does anyone have this issue or know a solution?


Thanks everyone.

AppleTV 2
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    What do you mean in detail?

    Using AirPlay to stream photos from iPhone, iPad to the Apple TV or starting a slide show on the Apple TV using you PC/MAC as a Server.

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    Hey Tom,


    When I go to general and then screen Saver. I select photo stream and it will not disPlay what's in my photo stream.


    Is there a trick to get it to work?

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    Be sure you are in iOS 4.4 and up. Then go to the Internet Section, and in that list, above MobileMe, under PodCast, you will see Photo Stream. Click on that and login with your Apple ID and Password. You can then set your screen saver to show what’s in your Photo Stream to add a different flavor.

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    I'm not sure using photostream for your screensaver is a good idea. Photos used for the screensaver appear to be saved to the Apple TV and will likely only update when you reselect the photos to use with the screensaver.

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    Tom, do I have to go to that Internet section first?  When I selected photo stream under screen saver it asked me for my apple id and password.   Is that not enough?  You have to sign in through Internet as well??

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    If you have entered in the Internet section it should not ask you again in the sceen saver menue but, if you enter it there and it works, it should finally be the same.

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    Well that's the problem. I've done all that. And when I try to select photo stream in screen saver. It doesn't even see my photos :(

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    Not sure if you've figured this out yet. I had the same problem and this is how I solved it (only moments ago)


    I was already signed into PhotoStream but couldn't get my photos to appear.


    Under the Internet channel, there is a PhotoStream App. Open that app and sign in if you aren't already. Then give it a few seconds/minutes to load into AppleTV all your photos from PhotoStream. You'll see them all load in automatically.


    And that's it. When my AppleTV next went to screen saver my photos appeared. (Of course, I had already selected PhotoStream as my screensaver folder choice.) So you'll need to make that selection under ScreenSaver, obviously.


    I'm guessing that each time you have new images in PhotoStream you'd like to add to AppleTV, you'll need to open that App again so that AppleTV brings them in.


    But this new feature is fantastic. I've been trying to find an easy way to make my personal photos be my AppleTV screensaver since i got the device, and this addresses that. Tho to WC's comment, I'll be curious to see what happens when there is a photo in there i don't want included in my AppleTV screensaver feed.


    I've also not tried removing images from my PhotoStream yet. Not sure how easy/difficult that might be.

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    Yes this worked for me too!