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Bookmarks generated on the iPad aren't syncing to the computer. Bookmarks generated on the computer aren't syncing to the iPad or the iPhone. Bookmarks generated on the iPhone aren't syncing to the computer. It doesn't work when syncing wirelessly or when I hook the iPad or iPhone up to the computer with the cable. There is no checkbox in iTunes now. iTunes has a field that is labeled Bookmarks and says it will sync them but it's not working. Everything else seems to be syncing OK. I don't use me.com or mobile me. All my software is up to date on the iPad, iPhone and iMac. I'm still using Snow Leopard - the latest rev.

3.06 GHz iMac i3, 4 GB Ram, 500GB HD, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPad2, 60GB iPod Photo, Hp j6480
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    I reverted back to syncing Bookmarks via the cable and the Bookmarks synced OK. To do this I did the following (although I'm not sure it's necessary to do all of it):


    With the iPad disconnected from the iMac:


    1. I turned Bookmark syncing on the iPad OFF by going to Settings/iCloud


    2. I re-booted the iPad


    3. I closed iTunes and Safari on the iMac


    3. I re-opened Safari and Reset Safari on the iMac - in the Pref pull down menu


    4. I hooked the iPad up to the iMac with the cable. I let it go through a sync operation.


    5. I went to the Info page in iTune and selected the radio button for Bookmark syncing, and then hit Apply


    The Bookmarks synced OK


    So the issue is with iOS and iCloud

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    The Bookmark syncing problem only occurs when syncing via WiFi using iCloud. But to get syncing Bookmarks back using the cable, you have to do more than just hit the OFF button on the iPad in Settings/iCloud/Bookmark sync. I'm guessing that after turning the button to OFF, re-booting the iPad was required to actually get the operation changed back to Bookmark syncing via the cable

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    Thank you, pgoodwin. This worked :)