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    Well ur not alone i just got a 4s and found out that the bluetooth does not worl at all to pair with other devoces acording to a genius bar at apple store at boca raton !! looks like apple is getting behind , first no one new about the problem so they change my phone at the store and still did not work did not pair with anything and then they call what they call a Genius so the guy had no more excuses then say : im sorry but the bluetooth on i phone its not design to pair or tranfer files you can use other ways !!! REALLY !!!APPLE !!! so i can do it with my ipods but not with my iphone ? supouse to be a more sofisticated device !!!! WOW !!!

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    I have the same problem, I don't think that my bluetooth doesnt work at all anymore. I had someone to repair my screen but then I had a weak signal with my JBL flip. But a few days later it started only working with my JBL flip and the signal was back to normal. Although my laptop bluetooth does not detected but my ipod does. How can this be fixed?

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    That's useful it worked briefly on my iPhone 4 but then stopped working so I'm not relying on it i ll just use wifi I suppose. The tethering works too.

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    I've read through most of the posts on here and have come to the conclusion that Apple have no intention of ever solving this issue. Its been like this since the iPhone 3g so this thread is practically useless. I had mine working with the jabra bluetooth visor kit once, if thats any help to anyone but no luck at all with anything else and that was way back when I had IOS 5.


    Its a cert that as one other user posted if you want to use bluetooth in the car for calls don't buy an iPhone.

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    Makes you feel a little dumb . Thanks for the post, pushing down the pairing button for about 5 sec. worked for me as well!

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    Brill this solved my issue thanks

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    I have the same problem. My iPhone recently stopped detecting WiFi networks and also stopped finding Bluetooth pairs. I have no idea how to fix it, though, and was wondering if anyone else does?

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    I was having the same issue with my Jawbone Era bluetooth. It was working fine and all of the sudden it stopped pairing a week or two ago. I did a soft reset and a factory set on the Jawbone Era but it didn't fix the issue. I hadn't made the most recent software upgrade on my iPhone 4s so I did that, and everything is now working fine. Hope this helps some of you who were having similar issues.

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    Gotta say I have an iPhone 4S for a week and it seems like a lot of hype over substance.


    Bluetooth pairs with my car kit - once. Only way to get it working again is to re-install. No such problems with previous Nokia or Blackberry phones.


    Battery life pathetic.


    Can't install a ringtone of my choice.


    Is this really a premium phone? Sorry Apple, not as good as a cheap basic Nokia, never mind other premium smartphones.

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    For those of you who were having problems pairing iPhone 4s with a Jawbone bluetooth. Mine was working fine for months and then one day a few weeks ago, it just stopped pairing out of the blue. I did the software update on my iPhone and did a soft reset and a factory reset on my Jawbone and it finally worked. Hope the resets would resovle the problems for those of you out there who are having the same issue I was having.

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    The solution that worked for me was to Backup and then Restore.


    For the backup: you can do it via iTunes (plug the iPhone and right click over its icon on the Devices section and then choose Back Up) or download your photos, contacts and other important documents to your Mac using iPhoto (just download your photos) or apps like My Contacts Back Up (it will email you the full list so you can upload it to the iPhone later). Make sure you backup properly please!


    After you have done the back up choose Restore in iTunes and that will erase all the files and apps from the iPhone so it will be back to the settings it had on the day you used it for the first time (you'll be able to recover all the apps you paid for since they'll be linked to the Apple ID you used to purchase them).


    The iPhone will still have the latest version of iOS (6.1.3) so if the problem is -like in most cases- software related it would be fixed and you'll able to pair the device again. If not maybe you will have to downgrade the  iOS to the previous version.


    Hope this helps!

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    well I am going to switch to Android now probably Galaxy S4 cos of these reasons as I am spending hundreds of dollars on a phone with nothing much but looks and  since apple won't come up with anything creative and new .... I guess Android is much better platform now since it has become a totally integrated platform now and more promising than iOS

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,895 points)

    You should definitely buy the phone that best meets your needs. Ths S4 is a very nice phone.


    Best of luck.

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    iPhone 5s + iOS7 and bluetooth = not Bluetooth compliant.  If Apple followed the bluetooth spec, then there would not be a problem.  For whatever reason (I expect the stupid 64 bit chip in the 5s is part of the issue, probably lack of manpower on the project), the phone does not adhere to bluetooth standards, and hence does not work as it should with many devices.  For example, I use 5 bluetooth devices in my 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. All of them will re-connect successfully except the 5s.  The 5s I need to re-pair each time I'd like to use it with the car's stereo.  Apple's attention to detail dies with Jobs. Too bad, really.

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    jake11 wrote:


    iPhone 5s + iOS7 and bluetooth = not Bluetooth compliant.

    I haven't had a single BT device not pair with my iPhone 5S. Currently I have an Up Band (before that a FitBit Force), a Polar heartrate monitor, a Pebble Smartwatch, headsets by Blue Ant, Jabra and Logitech, and speakers by Logitech and Altec Lansing. No problems with any of them.


    Best of luck.