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    Hi, I am experiencing some problems with the new iOS5 on my iphone 4. The first thing I noticed was that the search function only works now and then, when you type nothing pops up and you can click search, and nothing happens, only a complete restart solves it.


    Then secondly, I would put my phones volume on its lowest, but the locking and unlocking sound remains maxed out loud. It just happens randomly. Also have to restart to fix it.


    My phone is barely 5 months old and had no problems untill now. I think iOS 5 requires alot of fixes.


    Is there a way of Apple attending these problems and look into it for possible fixes?

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    You are sadly one of thousands left with issues! Apple have missled again as do most technology giants do and my only advice to all is this;

    Don't update any apple product until apple know the consequences and then release the results. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it!!! Wait until you can afford the product that is designed for the new os, new os ruin older devices as the devices can't cope with the advances in the new software.

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    andybliss wrote:



    The home button only responds 60% of the time ...


    I had this probelm intermittantly before I upgraded to iOS 5... A reboot fixes the problem. I assume it's one or more of the Apps. I haven't bothered trying to debug further than that, as it isn't that frequent for me...

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    mmellor10 wrote:


    After upgrading my iphone 4 to ios5 I've noticed a considerable performance degradation.  Apps take much longer to launch, and overall everything is sluggish....reminds me of my old Droid!  Has anyone found anything that helps?


    Exactly the same problem. Sluggish and unresponsive. And discovered that by moving out of the city for the Xmas holidays and not being in any Mobile or Wifi range the battery would drain within a few hours. Which wouldn't have bothered me but I needed it as a Clock and Alarm! (modern technology, eh?)


    Have read about Location Based Service issues and reckon something within iOS5.0.1 kept searching for a Carrier or WiFi network even though I switched them off the first day the battery drained unexpectedly.


    So, iOS5 upgrade - distinctly sluggish and unresponsive performance. Now want to go back to v4. Also, battery life fine in city. Useless in the countryside with no Carrier service.


    Trawling through all the threads for a solution to no avail.

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    I'm currently having a major issue and I can't seem to find the thread that will help me. I was updating my mother's iPhone 4 (which she had not been updating regularly, in probably a year or so) and when iOS 5 was installing and restoring the phone, i got an error saying it cannot be restored and now the phone is stuck on the connect to iTunes screen.  I have held down the home and power buttons in hopes to fix but it just goes right back to the connect to iTunes screen. I've held it down for long periods of time.  The computer no longer recognizes the phone either. Please help!

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    Had same problem when updating to IOS 5.I have restored phone but is now stuck on connect to itunes screen.It is not recognised on itunes, and keeps turning itself off and on.Did you find a solution? If not need help!

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    lazy_atom wrote:


    ... And discovered that by moving out of the city for the Xmas holidays and not being in any Mobile or Wifi range the battery would drain within a few hours. Which wouldn't have bothered me but I needed it as a Clock and Alarm! (modern technology, eh?)


    .... Also, battery life fine in city. Useless in the countryside with no Carrier service.


    Cell phones adjust power output based on signal strength... when you're in a fringe area the phone turns up the power when you make calls and to do regular "checkins" with the network. As a result, battery life is propotional to signal strength... the worse/weaker the cell signal, the shorter the battery life.  When there is no signal, some phones (don't know about the iPhone) go into sleep mode, where they only wake up to check if there is service. This extends the battery life. If you know there is no usable service or WiFi, you could always put it into Airplace Mode. That will turn off all the radios in the iPhone...

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    In settings go in the notifications icon - click and check the repeat alert to 'never' and thats it!

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    My experience has been this.  I've had several iPhones, 3g, 3gs and now 4, and all upgrades work smoothly until a new iPhone is launched.  My iPhone 4 worked great even after upgrades and sometimes better...there were no battery or speed issues. After the iPhone 4s was launched and I upgraded to ios 5.0.1, my iPhone 4 is now sluggish, heats up, needs a charge twice a day, some apps crash. I seriously think this is a deliberate ploy to encourage users to purchase a new iPhone. If I decide to stick with iPhone, I have to remember NOT to upgrade the ios when a new iPhone is launched.  I refuse to upgrade to 5.1. 

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    Hi all,

    I am facing little problem with my iPhone 4(GSM)+ I’m running my iOS 5.1.1+non-jailbreak. It slows down in performance and hangs-up while using an app or sliding to ‘Search iPhone’ Screen and other screens (search,Home, Screen1).  For example if I play games the screen freezes and smoothness og graphics is gone like motion comes in frames (lagging). While reading on iBook or Adobe Reader, scrolling of pages is not smooth.  Camera app also takes time to open and taking shots (I only had few pictures in my photo gallery i.e >150). In general the performance is lost compare to the my new iPhone about an year back (PS: installed Apple protection plan expires on July 2013)

    I did every troubleshooting from my side like reset, hard boot and restore from backup and as new iPhone. Now am using iPhone as ‘New iPhone’ option while restoring my device I just sync ‘d contacts, notes and reminders from iCloud. I also deleted all apps from my iTunes library and also downloaded fresh copy of iTunes from Apple Web and apps from iTunes on Windows XP SP3 Pro.

    With all above, performance had improved but no more than 20% as there are only 8 apps (iPhoto, twitter, find iPhone, WhatsApp, Viber, DI Radio,  Adobe Reader, IM+ Pro) and with no music and photos.

    Please suggest what I should do to have the same pleasure when I bought my iPhone.

    Thanks !!

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    once bitten twice shy! but fool i am that i gave in to the upgrade and i am banging my head ever since.

    my observation is same as that of yours, iphone 3G was murdered with iOS4 upgrade, and now my iphone 4 got killed with iOS5.1.1.

    and if by any chance, anyone of us posting some sort of a solution... its being deleted by Apple

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    I am having many problems. My picture messaging is all over the place, sends to some people but not others, and my group messaging is all together gone. When someone sends me a text as a part of a group message, I can't respond. In both situations I keep getting the little red exclamation mark. I have full coverage from ATT and my wifi is strong. I don't understand what is going on and there seems to be a lot of talk about the new software. What can I do?

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