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Hi, I have recently take the steps to upgrade to all the new software on my Mac and iPad2.


On my iPad, as instructed at setup, I entered my Mobile Me username and password for iCloud.


Due to something else happening, don't ask me what, I haven't a clue, I have done all my iTunes purchasing and apps with a different email address.


I don't care about the xxxxx.me (MobileMe) email as I never really used it in the past BUT I cannot change it on my iPad.


Everytime I turn the iPad on it errors with username/password is wrong in iCloud. I know it is.... I want to change the username but it is greyed out and cannot be changed.


There must be a way to change the username to a different email address. All other apps i.e. Store are changed to the one I want to use!


Any help on this appreciated. Thank you.



iPad 2, iOS 5, 32Gb WiFi