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jamesfromtarrytown Level 1 Level 1

After I switched over to iCloud my Birthday Calendar has gone a little haywire. On each day there is a Birthday it has 3 birthday events. Two of them just say "Birthday" while the third says whose birthday it actually is. When I go to my address book to delete the persons birthday only the one with his or her name goes away. The two phantom Birthdays stay. The phantom birthdays do not show up on my iPhone. And apparently I don't even have the birthday calander synced to my iCloud online. So this may not have to do with iCloud at all. Is anyone else having this problem?

iCal, iOS 5
  • Sometimes Apple ***** Level 1 Level 1

    Yup. Me too.

    Adding birthdays to Address Book causes two events in iCal (not on iphone 4s) one generic "birthday" and one with the contact's name.

  • Edgy311 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm experiencing a similar issue, but it was partly my fault. I had two different contacts set up - one for my brother and another for him and his wife. Apparently I input his birthday in the latter and neglected to fix it. When I established my iCloud calendar, I noticed it and corrected it immediately. In fact, I just deleted the second one altogether, leaving a contact for just his info. When I checked the calendar, it left "their" birthday and added his. I made another contact with another birth date, and nothing showed up. But as soon as I deleted that one, the ghost birthday appeared. To top it off, now I cannot delete any of them. When you find an answer, please let me know. It's not detrimental, but it is a bit frustrating.

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    I have also a problem with the birthday calendar. I changed am year of birth in one contact. Since then I have the birthday with two different ages. Let me also konw if there is a answer to solve it. I have already tried to delte this contact. But the "ghost" birthday stays where it is.



  • Bronwyn Waddington Level 1 Level 1

    I too am having this issue. It seems to be linked to the contact's birthday in that they only show up in ical if there is a birthday on that day. But if I select show contact for the generic birthday, no contact is displayed in Address Book.  Very annoying.

  • Bill3 Level 2 Level 2

    I have tried many things. even deleted all events on Mac and iCloud, and import back.  I still get Birhtday of person and a generic Birthday icon with no name.

  • Bill3 Level 2 Level 2

    One other item of note.  I can delete card from Contacts that had birthday and generic icon stays. So no contact has birthday on say Sept 3, yet the Birthday icon is still there with no Birthday.

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    So I am also having similar issues with this GHOST EVENTS.  Why has no one responded since 9-3-12?  This is VERY FRUSTRATING for me........Anybody out there with a solution?????