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Hello everybody! I cant undersand why iMessage doesnt work on my iPhone 4. I checked the settings and everithing is ok, but when I send a text to my friend's iPhone (who has iMessage too), the messages colour doesnt turn into lightblue which means they are free. can you please help me? Thanks!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Make sure you input your Apple ID and Password!

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    Also, make sure that your data or WiFi connection is active. iMessage will not work without some kind of data connection. Another thing to try is to go into your friend's contact and change the label of their phone number from 'Mobile' to 'iPhone'

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    Thank you both for the answers. I tryed to change the label, my connection is active. I checked my apple ID, nothing happens. I found out that my iMessage works only with same operators.. if i text with a ''vodafone''s contact, messages are green, while with ''HTC''s contact (we have same operator) messages are blue! i can't understand why!!!!!! this doesnt happen to my friends.... they can openly use iMessage with every iPhone 4. That's annoying.