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I have spent a considerable amount of time teaching my wife how to use her MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard.  She came from a PC backgound using XP and then Windows 7.  It took some time until she was comfortable with her MacBook Pro.  What continues to bother me is Apple's willingness to support Windows Vista an almost 3 year old Operating System based on is latest update to Service Pack 2. However Apple's own Snow Leopard operating system which recieved its most recent update June 23 of this year (give or take a few days) is not support by their newest inplamentaion of their cloud based computing.  iCloud is a nice service to keep everything in our digital lives in sync with one another, and with the release of Apples iPhone4s iCloud is even more important.  However with Apple's unwillingness to support their own Operating system I have to feel there are more people out there that like me who are considering installing Windows on their older intel machines and leaving the Mac OS behind. 


The iClound services that work with windows have been built into a background operating application so the services work with the iCloud servers, why is it the same approach can't be built into Snow Leopard, or for that matter any of Apple's operating systems.  It seems to me it would be in Apple's best interest to work with their userbase rather than trust the fact that people will follow Apple regardless.  At some point that will end, and it would be good business practice to anticapte that and workd with your users. 


I have sent Apple a request for this, but how many other people out there agree that it shouldn't be to difficut to create a background service that works with the iCloud servers?