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The new OS is burning through my data plan like crazy and here's why.  Imessage uses your data plan and not your texting plan.  So every time you send a text message to someone with an iphone it uses imessage and it uses your data, not your text plan.  I couldn't figure out why I was burning through so much of my data plan so quickly.  I called Apple and they said, no it's not the data plan doing it.  I called AT&T and they said, yes, the imessage uses data instead of your texting plan if you are texting to another iphone.  Also, the new OS runs your apps all the time, even when you aren't using them.  So if you are not near wifi your apps are running and burning your data plan.  The AT&T guy took me through the steps to turn off the apps.  You can still use them but they won't be running constantly.  Seriously Apple, you should let people know this.  It does say it in the fine print on the website "data rates may apply" under imessage but most people will never read this.  So my data plan started on October 10th and it's already at 175 megabytes and I only have a 200 megabyte plan.  I've never used more than 50 to 75 megabytes in a month.  Apple get it together and be honest with people and tell them.  Quit denying the problem.  Most people have probably not even discovered this yet.  Wait till you get your bill.

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