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Hey guys,


Have both iphone 4s and iphone 3GS on iOS5.

How do I disable the silent switch function. ( at the moment, only solution I think of is using

a thick rubber case so the button does not accidently move the silent switch when in pocket )

Also when phone on silent mode , the top toolbar next to battery does NOT indicate phone is on silent mode.(? )


Just thought Apple would have lots of user testing and feedback to address this issue

(switch phone to silent accidently not even knowing).

Wonder why iOS5 does not have an option to disable to reassign the function of the silent switch like iPad?

It is a Phone, I want it to ring most of the time (may be NOT in meetings or when I Sleep but thats it. )

I google search, and read the iphone manual. There are no settings to turn off

silent switch or disable the switch. Didn't find any app that can do that either.


Apple hope you are reading this and help make iphone even better.



A recommendation for software fix on next iOS 5 update.

1. When phone switch to silent mode will have to alert user to confirm ' YES or NO'.

2. Have icon on top bar next to battery icon to show if phone is set to silent mode would help so many users.

3. Have function in Settings> Disable silent button. (or assign it as lock potrait or landscape mode like iPad )

4. On lock screen (double tap home button ) will allow to silent phone icon (on or off )next to taking photo icon.

5. While phone is unlock, may be double/triple click to ' ask' if want to silent phone as one of the option?


Also I don't think I will miss the silent switch if it is removed from the phone from the pain this little button is causing

the way it is. 


If anyone can help would be much appreciated.




a little frustrated such a small silent switch button can cause so much headache.

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  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 (18,825 points)

    Apple will probably not see your comments as this is an iPhone user forum.


    Post your comment where they will be sure to see it:  iPhone Feedback:  http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

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    My silent switch is so stiff that there's no way it could accidentally move. Unless something like a pencil was jammed against it and just happened to hit it the right way. A coworker's wife was having a problem with hers, though--the switch was actually loose and would flip without her knowing it. Sounds likes yours might be loose, too, if it's flipping when you're doing nothing but putting it in your pocket. My coworker took the phone to Apple and they replaced it since that's a physical defect. If yours is a serious problem for you, I'd recommend doing the same.

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    Thanks Jim,

    I have just done that, sent my feedback to the web site

    http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html and have submitted my ideas there.


    Thanks Mollib,

    Wish my silent switch button is stiff too.

    But not always faulty button issue. More of faulty design. The idea is good to have a quick switch to silent the phone but it can be done so easily without user knowing and without user confirmation is bad implementation. Also without the icon showing phone is silent is bad. A quick 2 seconds showing ringer off doesn't help if phone is in pocket. Also I did a search on net and lots more people have same problems and lots of user forums also have same issue. Anyway. Hope that new iOS5 update will have option to disable the silent function or reassign it to lock screen mode for quick fix.