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When I set up my new iCloud email I thought I used my apple I'd but when I go into setting the password has less characters than my apple I'd password and I can't remember what I put (even though it was only 2 days ago) how do I reset it?

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    This only resets my apple I'd password which I already know....I need to reset my iCloud email password which is different

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    Same problem here? How can I reset my iCloud EMAIL password?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,119 points)

    The 'forgot password' link on the iCloud login page will lead you to https://iforgot.apple.com/ - sign in with your iCloud email address (which is an Apple ID) not the ID for these forums or iTunes if that's different.

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    I know my Apple-ID but it's different to the iCloud mail address. I have add the me.com-address later and I remember that I had to set a password which was different to my Apple-ID password.


    When I try to get my mails via outlook it fails - even with my Apple-ID password.

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    I also had the same problem, but did as Roger said and changed my apple Id password. Now my apple Id and iCloud have the same password.

    It worked for me!

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    It works for me too now. I set a new passoword for my Apple ID and configured Outlook manually (IMAP and SMTP). Thanks!

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    Somehow i created an icloud email address. as i understand it now, its also an apple id.


    I was never asked for a password, yet it has been created.


    Now when i use the iForgot.apple.com page i have 2 choices:


    Send password to email

    Answer security question (birthday)


    I have done this, and the password email does not come to any of my email accounts.  I have replied to my birthday question, but it says its incorrect.


    How can i get into this account to reset the password, or at least to find out the password ?




  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,119 points)

    You should be signing in with the ID you use to sign into iCloud, not its email address.


    If you still have the same issue, try entering the birthday one day earliert if you are not in the USA (time zone difference). Failing that, you will need to contact Support.


    To contact  Support: if you currently happen to have AppleCare, either because you recently bought Apple hardware or have paid to extend the inititial period, you can contact them here:




    You will need the serial number of the covered hardware.


    If you are not covered by AppleCare, then - in common with other free email services - there is no free support (MobileMe Support is no longer available) and you will probably be asked to pay a fee - you could try asking them to handle it free, sometimes they do.

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    sorry i create an CloudMail and i forget the password and its different to my Apple ID.. how can i reset it?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,119 points)

    Go to http://iforgot.apple.com and sign in with your iCloud login. A new password will be sent to your associated email address. If this doesn't work you will have to contact Support. Go to https://getsupport.apple.com ; click' See all products and services', then 'More Products and Services, then 'Apple ID', then 'Other Apple ID Topics' then 'Lost or forgotten Apple ID password'.

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    wow whoa and 'whatever' - this comes to you via a Firefox browser on Linux as the ipad safari browser can't hack it? I sent an email to you via your website - this whole process is extremely tedious.  My ultimate aim in this quest is to get be able to read my apple emails on another NON-apple device with NON-apple software as I just don't get the philosophy of the Apple stuff. 

    The confusion to me is that of terminology and inconsistency - I copied a partpage to a text file with the intention of posting it here but it is taking too long and I am just too annoyed with the reset procedure. In short the process asks one thing and expects another.