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what do I do know?? when plugged into usb cord turns on but only loads apple logo screen.. any suggestions

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    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.

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    Is this a brand new iPad? If so, you need to have iTunes on your computer. Then plug in your iPad and itunes will walk you through setting it up.

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    heres the problem no slider is showing up on the screen just the apple and even after doing the reset still just the apple..

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    it is new to me.. have itunes wont start up so cant get into itunes to set it up.. just getting the apple.. then nothing.. did the reset.. still just the silver apple.. no slider for shut down nothing

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    Do you have iTunes on your pc?

    If not - it's not a standard program on a pc - go to www.apple.com and download it, then install it.

    Once you install it, you will likely have to restart your computer.

    Then open iTunes on your pc, attach your iPad and follow the on screen prompts

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    yes i have itunes.. i use it for my iphone.. just got the ipad.. tried to hook it up so i could get started with it.. not doing anything but showing me the apple.. no slider to shut down.. nothing but the apple.. itunes is not picking up that its even there.. i checked the usb cord.. that is working fine.. seems to be problem with ipad it self was just hoping it was something simple..

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    You don't want to shut it down with the slider if you reset the device. You have to hold down both buttons and get past the slider until the apple logo appears again. It can take 15 or 20 seconds sometimes.


    If this iPad needs to be set up again - as a new device - the iTunes logo should appear on the screen. this iPad is stuck in a loop of some type now.


    Was the device wiped clean by the previous owner ....was it totally erased?


    You may have to restore it and force it into recovery mode in order to use it. Read this article for the instructions.



    After reading your last response I am fairly certain that you will have to restore via recovery mode - read the article.


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