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    Here is what I can tell you:  if you are not using Lion where Yahoo will be configured as an IMAP or are not paying for Yahoo! Plus more than likely the invitations will not work with that account.


    I have found I can only receive invitations on one account.  Most reliably is my icloud account.  I have also found that I get the notification in ical and never get the associated email.  For a while I got the invites on my iphone but never in ical on the computer.


    Mysteriously, all is working again.


    I do think Scott's suggestion is a good one and I did that for all of my email addresses.  Have you tried that?


    This is one of those no easy solutions.


    What email is your address book account associated with?  That also has some bearing.


    Keep us posted,



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    Thank you Debbie.


    Just to clarify further:


    1 - I do have a paying account on Yahoo, and still invitations do not work


    2 - in the experiment in my previous posting, I am sending that invitations from the ical web interface from where I have stored a copy of the Contacts coming from my work address book.

    In this address book my email address and the one of my colleague at work are both present, but as I said above, the invitations to me get through, while those to him do not. On the other side, the address book does not contain either of our gmail accounts, but invitations to him get through while mine fail.


    3 - I also tried with an account on MSN (which I never use...) and no invitation comes through


    I hope someone from Apple can come out with a solution soon, as the inconsistencies are really weird!



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    same issue here. invitations are never sent successfully from my iPhone, mac mail app, or

    it is very frustrating not having invite functionality....seems so basic, like it "should just work", err something?


    at one point they were. then

    iPhone is iOS 5, latest update, mac is Lion, latest update. My apple id/ituntes account & icloud account are the same email address (business email). I also have an @me account, but only use this for email, not for iCloud functionality.


    Looking forward to a resolution

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    Same issue for me as well. Tried updating my account information but no luck. Is someone working on resolving this issue. Would be handy to be able to send invites again.

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    Im stuck too. Cant send invites from either iPhone, Mac, or iCloud web.


    Anybody figure this one out yet?

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    Apple really needs to fix this ASAP.  I love that iCloud syncs my calendars across all of my devices; but this invite problem has led me to actually consider other calendar programs including...gulp...Outlook.


    I very well may have lost a chance at a potential client that would have delivered massive billings because of this issue.


    My invite apparently never got sent out and even though I was able to confirm with the client the old fashioned way, because the invite was a fail it never made it onto the CFO's calendar.  As a result, he scheduled another meeting over mine.


    I may still get another chance but what a ridiculous embarassment.  It really is the basics like this that can blow deals for you.


    I'm ultra-surprised that an egregious error like this made it into a major release like the iCloud implementation and further surprised that forums go back to the week of the release to present with the issue still not being addressed.


    Until there is a real fix, I can't trust iCal with any of my professional meeting invites.  What a shame.

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    I got my prob fixed, i called apple and it turns out, my prob wasnt with iCloud.

    I had my case escaletd to someone pretty high up on the tech chain. He had me delete a bunch of my library files containing the calendar info (i had to do some with my computer offline) all the work was done from my Macbook pro.

    Then, after a reboot, I synced with iCloud just fine -and I'm still doing it.

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    I've tried to delete gmail account from Alternate mail address" but i doesn't work

    This is scenario:


    - I have  <A> account (migrated from mobile me).

    - My wife has <B> account (new account not from mobile me)


    A and B  dosen't have "Alternate" mail (we deleted them after some tests... )



    - My wife (B) can invitate me (A) (and i can reject )

    - I (A) can't invite my wife (B)....




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    Fixed the problem...

    So after apple support failed to make it work I found the solution by reversing what they told me to do.


    Go to manage your apple id

    Change your Id from to

    Save and verify the new email

    Log back into manage your apple id

    Go back and change the email from @googlemail to @gmail

    Verify the email

    Restart your phone or devices.

    Voila! Fixed.

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    then at the bottom right of that page you'll see 'Website Feedback' list and in that list select 'Product Feedback' then look for iCloud.............


    I sent a complaint and in the end of my reply from a dropdown menu I selected Dissatisfied with iCloud...

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    This is my Reply 'eljefe90012' over a Year Later... still the problem persists Apple



    then at the bottom right of that page you'll see 'Website Feedback' list and in that list select 'Product Feedback' then look for iCloud.............


    I sent a complaint and in the end of my reply from a dropdown menu I selected Dissatisfied with iCloud...

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    Mac OS X

    I get lost is all the tech talk. However, put simply, here's my simple problem that Apple never figured out either!

    Bottom line - as soon as iCloud is introduced into the configuration, my iCal can't send out invites.

    When I first got my Macbook pro using my calendar locally I could invite and get acceptances via Apple email. As soon as I got the iCloud involved I lost this capability! I messed around for several hours on the phone, got the problem escalated, went to the genius bar and no one ever figured out the solution. So, it hasn't worked for 6 months. I bought the mac and it came with Lion. So, my combination where I can't send out invites is Lion and iCloud. It's the CLOUD!!!! 

    I took my calendar back and made it local to my mac again, and invites worked!! Unfortunately I got an iPhone and again got corraled into the iCloud. So, my invites don't work again!


    My wife has my same configuration except for the fact she doesn't use the iCloud, i.e. her calendar is local. She can send out invites, I can receive them from her, I can accept or decline them and she gets the response.....


    Bottom line - as soon as iCloud is introduced into the configuration, my iCal can't send out invites. From what I see out there in the communities, this is a real problem! Apple tech - any solutions?


    Anyone out there from Apple care enough to help me out?

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    Basing myself on past experience, to have invitations work between two people having iCloud accounts, the iCloud invitation should be sent not the original e-mail of the person, but to his iCloud address, which terminates with  Any iCloud user has such an address, and it is easy to find. If you do this, invitations will proceed smoothly, and notifications will work nicely.

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    Mac OS X

    None of us are using @iCloud accounts. So, for instance my wife doesn't use the cloud at all, so has no @iCloud account. We are using yahoo, comcast, etc. email accounts. So, when I invite someone for an event I'm inviting  Same for her. Her invites work, mine don't. I can accept hers.... Mine never get sent out....

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    I haven't invited anyone nor anyone invited me to iCal events since my last complaint feb 24,  so I tried it again and to my and from @iCloud, @me, @hotmail and @gmail accounts IT WORKED BOTH WAYS... Using MacBook with mountain lion and iPhone 5, both with the latest updates.  Leave it to apple not to inform us that they fixed the problem ... Or did they?  Anyone still having the problem persist?


    P.S. my hotmail account is not an apple ID but it is associated or verified as my email with iCloud.  Also the thing is I noticed after inviting I Did Not get a notification message or Alert, but going into the iCal in either Mac or iPhone, you'll notice a small invite button highlighted with (1) meaning there is one invite.