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    Because of the title of the discussion, I presume that the calendars you are using are on iCloud to sync your calendars. In this case, even if you dont know it, you have an @icloud account. Usually it is obtained by taking the part of the e-mail address (you gave as an Apple id) before @ and adding @icloud. To be sure, go on, enter your Apple id, and click on the upper right hand-side where your name is. Your @icloud id will appear. It is an id like that one you have to enter when inviting other people using iCloud. As far as I am concerned, this works perfectly.

  • flyerMH Level 1 Level 1

    No sorry at one time it was not working... Now it is, even in the scenario you discribed.

  • whitesalmon133 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I admit I don't really know much about the iCloud. But, let me describe what I think my configuration is and whether or not my iCloud config could be the problem.


    The way I have my mail set up on my Macbook and my iPhone is that it's just using the mail app to go to my mail at Comcast. So, I guess I'm not really using the Cloud for mail. I don't have "mail & notes" checked in my iCloud config so I don't have an iCloud account. I just have my apple id.


    Is what you folks are saying is that I need to check "mail & notes" and have an  iCloud account, e.g. me@iCloud, for the invite option of iCal to work for me?? And, if I do this what are the implications? Does all my comcast mail go from the comcast website to the iCloud.....  Other things that might change that I wouldn't know about until I ran into them later....


    Thanks again for any enlightenment as I admit I'm just muddling along.

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    Come to think my wife and I both have an Apple Id... I use the @me for everything but my wife only uses the @me for Facetime, iMessage, App Store etc... but her email and calendar uses the @hotmail account which is verified as her email within her Apple ID account (  Since we both have an Apple ID @me accounts and even though she doesn't use the Mail and iCal portion of her account but uses her hotmail instead, the iCal invitations are working.  ie: @me iCal event is shared with her@hotmail email (remember that Hotmail is verified and is associated with the Apple ID @me only, the Hotmail in its self is NOT an apple ID.)


    If the the Apple ID is NOT @me or @icloud but say @gmail or @hotmail then I'm not really sure if the invitations would work, but knowing apple I believe they should work.  With this last point I'm Guessing.

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    Issue I have is...

    My iphone, ipad and laptop all accept iCal invites.  My work iMac iCal does not ..even email invites.


    When I sign into iCloud on my iMac it then gets notifications.  I don't want my iCloud account on my work computer. Why would I not get an email invite at least?  It's not a .me email and any email account should get an invite.


    I have noticed that my iphone gets the notification very quickly...  Is my iphone picking up the invite before it gets anywhere else?  I've seen a few other things happen like this.


    Guess I could turn the others off and test .. yet, Apple should just simplify it.

  • singerdf Level 1 Level 1

    email invites are very confusing.  I get them sometimes and not others.  IT seems that with the upgrades to iOS7 on the mobile devices I get the notification in my calendar app and not in email.  Weirder yet is that if I accept on one device it does not eliminate the notification on any other.


    I agree that Apple needs to work out the kinks and simplify this.


    I believe the notifications only apply to your icloud calendars.  So whatever email is associated with that calendar will be where the emails come.


    Keep us posted,



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