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andyfrombishopstone Level 1 Level 1

After upgarding to OSX Lion and migrating from mobileme to icloud I am having trouble with ical invites.


After an hour with Apple Support we resolved the issue of receiving invites, replying and syncing them to icloud, which was related to adding my primary email address (not the, which is my apple id) to my icloud account.


However, I still can't send invites to ical events I create. The event is created and syncs to icloud but no email invite is sent.


Suggestions gratefully received!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Sometimes Apple ***** Level 1 Level 1

    Me too.

  • singerdf Level 1 Level 1

    Thought I had this problem figured out in Snow Leopard.  Now it is back.  I have tried all suggestions including setting mail to send out through my account.


    The email never actually gets sent from what I can tell.  I go to mail and click on Sent folder and nothing is there.  You can send invitations from with no trouble.  And I can send then from my phone.


    This definitely seems to be isolated to Lion on the desktop.  I think I have found most of the Lion glitches at this point.


    Awaiting some more suggestions.



  • scottfromrancho mirage Level 1 Level 1

    Here's what I have found.


    If I send an invitation to someone whose email address is in meAddress Book, whether by using the "+" or by typing the address, it doesn't get sent. However, if I send it to someone NOT in my address book, it goes through.  Pretty lame since everyone I invite is in my address book.


    I have conveyed this to Apple Support but nothing.

  • singerdf Level 1 Level 1

    I find that I can't send invites to people who have icloud accounts, even though I am not using their icloud email.  I sent my son successfully at his gmail account.  Nothing ever shows in mail either making it very difficult to confirm that it went out.


    Still tesing all different settings.

  • pittfromluxembourg Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same problem but no solution


    it works from webbased iCloud or iphone calendar but not from the desktop iCal under Lion.


    It only works if or adresses are used



    Apple should solve this one soon



    it is very handicaping




  • jackfromHB Level 1 Level 1

    I could identify the following reason why it wasn't working for me:

    - there hadn't been saved a main e-mail adress  in the settings "my Apple-ID".


    That was, why I went to and logged me in


    - provided primary e-mail adress

    - saved it

    - logged me out and tried to send invitations in iCal on my Mac.


    It works now, let us see for how long....

  • scottfromrancho mirage Level 1 Level 1

    I followed JackfromHB's advice and I can now send invitations...THANKS!!!


    FYI, I share my iCal with one other person and when I send them an invitation  rather than receive an email, a n alert pops up on the iOs device (iPhone and iPad), and the accepted event appears twice on their iCal.  I guess the fact they see the shared calendar the system treats them differently.  At least it works for now, but I'm disappointed in Apple's lack of customer support.

  • singerdf Level 1 Level 1

    I too did what JackfromHB suggested.  We shall see.  This really makes no sense, as my daughter has icloud, never mobileme and can send and receive invites with no problem.


    I am wondering if this has something to do with old mobileme acccounts of which I am one.


    Look forward to updates,



  • Christine Hall Level 1 Level 1

    Scot, thanks for the clarification.


    OK here's the thing.  I can send invites to other people in my address book, those who have, or other addresses but all of a sudden I can't send anything to my husband.  We do not share a calendar.  I tried sending to both his and his sbc and neither works.  I tried deleting his address card and redoing it, no joy.


    I am scared to try the sign out and sign back in thing with  Way back in the day before Mobile Me and iCloud, I signed up with iTunes with a yahoo address.  That is what shows as my main Apple ID.  Then when iCloud came along, my address became my "other Apple ID" with the iCloud.  When I try to verify that alternate address, I get the message that "that email is already verified for another Apple ID"  I am afraid if I try to change everything over to my mac address I will lose all the stuff I purchased through iTunes and the App store.


    I am sure I am making this all as clear as mud, so sorry!


    I am just so puzzled why all of a sudden I can't invite my husband to an event.  Makes no sense to me.

  • scottfromrancho mirage Level 1 Level 1

    I feel your pain. I too signed up for iTunes pre-MobileMe and now have 2 Apple IDs: one with me AOL account and the other with .Mac (it won't change to .Me!!!).


    My experience in switching back and forth with my Apple IDs was that I did not loose anything that I purchases through the App store. In fact I am pretty sure once you have downloaded an app - paid or free - it's your for keeps.  I just purchased a second iPad 2 for the sole purpose of housing my home automation apps (lights, home secutity, t.v. remote, multi-room audio, etc.) and they all showed up ala the Cloud; I had to re-enter passwords but everything else worked flawlessly.


    If it gives you any comfort, when if did the "sign off/sign on" exercised I lost nothing and my invitations worked (except of the shared calendar email).


    If you haven't reported this to Apple Support I would try that route. The person I spoke with told me it wasn't a "known" issued, but clearly a lot of folks have issues.

  • Rubempre Level 1 Level 1

    On my wife's computer, there was a similar problem. When she received invitations from me, her accepted invitations appeared to be sent from me, and did not appear as accepted in Cal. I finally found the reason. In her address book,  there were two cards identified as 'My Card': hers and mine. For some reason, when she replied, my own file was taking over as 'MyCard'. When I deleted myself as owning 'MyCard' (and checked there were not other spurious 'My Card' files,  everything went back to order.

  • Christine Hall Level 1 Level 1

    Tried what you suggested and it still doesn't work.  Guess my next option is Apple Support.  Also tried checking my husband's computer to see if he had to "my cards" no luck there either; just had his own.  So frustrating!

  • singerdf Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my lastest experience.  An ical invitation was sent to me today.  I received it on my iphone but not anywhere on the computer.


    very weird.


    Too frustrated to continue to trouble shoot this today.



  • sandro9999 Level 1 Level 1


    I have the same problem (invitations not arriving) which I tried to understand with the following experiements:


    - call A one of my accounts at work (my company email)

    - call B one of my accounts on Yahoo

    - call C one of my account on Gmail

    - call D an account of a colleague at work

    - call E an account of a colleague on Gmail


    Now I send invitations (grouped or individual) from my iCloud page to the accounts above and I get the following results; please notice that the results are consistent and can be reproduced:


    - invitations to A always work

    - invitations to B never work

    - invitations to C does not work, but invitation for E does !

    - invitations to D never work


    So, it is really weird and Aplle should really react to this nonsense.


      Thank you,


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