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So yesterday my screen suddenly turned red and went fuzzy then the device went into recovery mode, luckily it doesn't seem like it was a hardware issue and I had a backup to iCloud from the night before that I used to restore.


As soon as the restore process began the iPhone began popping up boxes asking me to enter the passwords for Apple ID's that I've never even heard of or been associated with and this is still going on 12 hours later.


It popped up first asking me to enter the password for the Apple ID, then when I clicked cancel on that it asked me to enter the password for, then several others. I have never used or been associated with these e-mail addresses and a quick google search on them reveals that at least one of them belongs to someone far far away that I've never heard of or been associated with.


It's now been restoring for 12 hours and when I go into the iCloud settings on the iPhone it reports that it's still restoring from the backup and it keeps popping up boxes asking me for the passwords for these strange Apple IDs every few minutes.


I think I could probably stop it by killing the restore process but I don't want to do that unless it's complete. If it's only partially finished and waiting for these passwords to proceed I don't want to stop it since there's no option to resume from where you left off, you have to start all over again.


What is going on with this thing??


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iPhone 4
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