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With the latest update of Outlook 2011 (14.1.3), I can now sync the Outlook calendar with iCal.  The Outlook Calendar appears as an on-my-Mac calendar in iCal.  So half the task is accomplished with the new update version of Outlook.


However, I have not found a way to sync on-my-Mac calendars in iCal with iCloud.  Only option is drag-n-drop iCal events from on-my-Mac to iCloud.


Is it possible to: 

1) direct the Outlook Calendar to sync with the iCloud calendar in iCal, rather than the on-my-Mac calendar?  -or-

2) in iCal, sync on-my-Mac calendars with iCloud calendars?



Screen Shot 2011-10-28 at  9.17.11 AM.png

Intel iMac 21.5, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    A possible solution for you.  I had a similar issue, here's what I did:


    1. I "published" the Outlook calendar that was in the 'On My Mac' section.
    2. In iCal's menu section I click on 'Calendar' and then 'Subscribe'
    3. Enter the http: address for the published Outlook calendar
    4. Now the Outlook events should sync across all devices via iCloud
    5. One final note, I unchecked the original Outlook calendar box so I would not get duplicate events displayed in iCal


    I am struggling through sync issues with Address Book, Outlook & iCloud.  From reading the various support forums, it appears it is up to Microsoft to update Outlook for Mac to support iCloud and possible calDAV formats & such.  I am strongly considering transferring all of my e-mails to Apple's Mail and dropping Outlook entirely.


    I have heard others write about iCloud support for Outlook Exchange (mail & calendar, not sure about contacts)...sadly I am not on an Exchange account.  Hope this helps.



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    I follow your logic, publishing the Outlook calendar to MobileMe.  When I attempted to subscribe however, it told me the calendar did not have the proper configuration.  I assumed this was the result of MobileMe migrating to iCloud and no longer functioning as a WebDav server.


    I could publish to any of the online WebDAV servers, but it would add just another link in a sequence of syncs that is already too long.  I'll take your advice and wait for the MS upgrade to Outlook, meanwhile go back to using iCal.



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    That is a very good workaround, thanks for the tip, it worked for me as well.

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    Dear BBullerman


    2 followup questions:


    Any chance you could provide a screensot for no. 5


    "5. One final note, I unchecked the original Outlook calendar box so I would not get duplicate events displayed in iCal"



    Also, can the items for gmail calendar and Outlook by joined using iCloud? (Is this the result if you sync them both to iCloud? - it is my goal).


    Many thanks, Denise