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I've got an early 2011 MBP 13" and whether i burned the iso file to a DVD or an actual disk image of the iso file to a dvd boot camp just keeps telling me that the disk isn't a windows install disk.  I don't want to have to go buy a copy of windows to check if that works given that I am not sure that boot camp will even install windows correctly in Lion given all the problems I've read on here with it.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 Level 6 (12,080 points)

    In all your reading here did you happen upon the need to burn the disk at the lowest speed, 2X?


    You read about problems here because this is where people discuss their problems. There are many more people having no problems at all. You just won't find them posting here.

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    For what it's worth, bootcamp works flawlessly on my 2008 mac pro with Lion. I have Win 7 X64 on its own drive. The version 4 bootcamp drivers work much better than the older 3 series. You can get them and install them to a thumb drive with the bootcamp assistant. It seems to me that your iso might not be compatible or with the desired license scheme. Is your iso/disk a full version or upgrade? Also, Bootcamp 4 with Lion only works with Windows 7 Vista or XP.


    Hope this helps

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    Its the full installer downloaded directly from Microsoft, I tried it with just the ISO imageon a DVD and the install files & folders.  Don't have another blank DVD right now, but will try the suggestion from the first reply I got above to burn at 2x speed rather than 8x, which is what I did before, but I'm still not sure if the disk is supposed to be the ISO file or the installer files or it could be either.

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    So bottom line is that I keep running into dead ends trying to create a disk from an ISO that I downloaded from the "official" windows site that Boot Camp understands.  I've tried about 10 different ways now and Boot Camp just keeps saying that it doesn't see a windows installer disk.  This is so frustrating.  Is there anyone who's been able to do what I am trying to do successfully, which is to download the ISO image, burn to a DVD, run Boot Camp and get it to recognize the installer disk?  If so, I'd appreciate a step by step of what you did.  Thanks.

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    How exactly did you burn the iso to the disk? What was your process? Because I had the same problem you described in your OP, and I found that I had burned the iso improperly. So, what was the process you followed to burn the iso to the disk?

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    My latest attemp was that I right clicked the iso that I downloaded and selected burn to disk.  Its a DVD rewriteable, burned at 2.4 speed on a superdrive on a MBP.  When I open the disk after burning, I see the files and folders that should be there (autorun.inf, setup.exe, etc) but boot camp 4.01 in lion on the MBP won't recognize it.

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    Ok, that is wrong. To burn the iso to a disk, you first need to open the Disk Utility program, which is in the Utilities folder in Applications. If your cd is inside the computer, you should see it in the left pane. Select it. At the top, you will see the biohazard symbol that says "Burn". Select that, and find the iso file on your computer, and burn it.


    It should now work fine.

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    OK, perhaps I haven't been clear enough on what I've tried here. I have a blank DVD-RW in my drive that I am trying to get the correct "image" on.  I am not sure if the disk needs to be just the ISO file or the collection of files/folders that are typically on an install disk.  From what I understand I need to burn the ISO to the DVD and the only way I can see how that is possible is first "mounting" the ISO as a disk image, then "right" clicking on it and selecting "burn xxx to disc".  This results in a disk that has the installer files/folders on the burned disk that you would think would be sufficient to install windows.  However, the disk that results (after burning at 2.4 speed-the slowest I can select) isn't recognized by BC.  I'm sorry, but this is a load of crap.  It should be fairly common that someone wouldn't have physical media (an actual oem Win 7 install disk) and wants to install in the manner I am trying to and there are insufficient instructions/assistance anywhere on this site to permit it.

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    No. Your iso file is fine. All you need to do is burn the disc using the Disk Utility like I said, rather than just right-clicking and selecting Burn. When I installed Windows before, I did what you did, and it didn't work for me either.


    Use Disk Utility.


    Although, if your disk is DVD-RW, then it is not rewritable and you need a brand new disc to burn the iso to.

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    Your suggestion worked!  Thank you so much.  This was maddening, but in the end it worked out.  Apple needs to simplify the instructions because it wasn't apparent from anything I read in the Boot Camp setup guide that I should follow the steps you suggested.  Thanks again!

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    I have the same problem and did exactly what u sad, still not seeing the Win7(((

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    I made an account here specifically to thank you for your help.


    I know you probably don't think it's a big deal, but this knowledge was very important for my job and it saved me when I was coming to wits end.


    Thank you so much.

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    I have the same problem and i have done this before i went to this discussion. It still wont work for me. I have bootcamp version 5 don't know if it makes a difference. I burned the iso image to a DVD-R. When i put it into a normal pc computer it reads it as a windows 7 home 64bit installer disc. But when i put it into my mac while using bootcamp, nothing happens and it asks me to put the disc inside. Even tho it's there.


    Would really appreciat if anyone could help me, plz reply.

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    Hey Nobel Seven,


    Your solution solved my problem, I wasted couple of disks and still wondering what was the problem with the ISO, burned it even in windows and it didnt work. Your menthod worked flawlessly, thanks a lot for your solution.

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