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Ok so I just got my Iphone4 last night and while a friend was looking at it. He went into the red eye removal function (on a photo of hands so there isn't any eyes). I've tried and tried but can't seem to get out of this function. It just keeps saying "tap each red eye. tap again to undo." and "did not find a red eye to correct."


Can someone please help this newbie!?!?!?

iPhone 4
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    I have the same problem.

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    I found a way out of it.

    Turned off photo-stream from the icloud settings and that broke the spell.

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    I solve it by going to the camera. The last image is in the bottom left corner. Tap it and you go to camera roll. The red-eye tool will be off.

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    Same problem here with an iPad 2 running 5.0.1. I tried both solutions above, but neither worked (and the warning when you shut off photo stream is alarming).  Finally had to hard reboot ,and then was able to re-edit photo successfully.  If it helps for trouble shooting, it was a mostly black picture of a black dog and the eyes were more bright yellow than red

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    Force close the ‘Photos’ app and reopen it to see whether it resolves the issue. For that, first double tap the ‘Home’ button and wait until the task bar become visible on the screen. You can view all the recently opened apps on that bar. Locate the ‘Photos’ app by swiping the bar and holding down the app icon till it starts to wiggle. Then, tap over the minus sign appears on the left corner of the icon to close it. If this solution doesn’t work, reboot the iPad by making use of Sleep/Wake button. Press and hold that button until the iPad screen displays a red slider. Then, move the slider to turn off your iPad. Hold down that button again afterwards until you can view a sliver Apple Logo on the screen.

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    u can just off the iphone and wait a few minute then turn it on it is the best and easy way to do

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    I have an iPhone 5. Turned of the photo stream from icloud settings, then Went to the camera and deleted the picture from the left bottom side.

    Then double tapped on the photos icon to close it, and then re opened it again.

    Hope it works.



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    @deepachauhan this answer i found helpful