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    I dont know man....the only thing i changed on my phone was turning off the battery percentage thing is "usage" under general phone is now working flawlessly..didn't touch anything that delt with my notifications

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    I think adding the word SOLVED is a little premature.


    What about all the people whose batteries are working OK without disabling Notifications? I had the problem when first I installed iOS5, but after a hard reset it was fine.


    There is definitely something amiss, since too many people are still having problems, but judging by the fact that Apple engineers are still trying to find the source (see Guardian article et al) it is unlikely to be something so simple as a user selection.

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    I think the solution for me is a return. I hate being in the dark with this one. With battery drains like this they could of put 4g in it at least. I mean this is just bad. First apple product I can honestly say I'm feeling regretful purchasing and slightly discouraged.


    As far as being fixed I'm sure a problem does still exhist just temporarily fixed.

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    Btw that reply took 2% of my battery :(

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    NO CAN DO!!


    Since disabling the Notifications about 2 minutes ago, I lost 2% of my battery (91% down to 89%). And I, too, have an Exchange account for work; in addition to two personal e-mail accounts.


    My battery had been absolutely fine up until about 3 days ago when it just started hemmoraging power like crazy. I felt like I had my Blackberry back! (I've never had an Android.) Immediately, I went through and started disabling things and tried to figure out what I had installed or updated that may have triggered the problem. I thought it was just me. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in this battery problem.


    I have turned off iCloud. I never use Siri. I'm an amateur photography, but I usually use an actual camera instead of the iPhone. I have most of my Notifications and Location Services disabled. During the weekday, I'm usually in the office so I do most of my web browsing from my desktop computer, and if I make a call, it's from my office phone. I'll text here and there, but not a lot during the weekday. Then, last night, I disconnected my iPad and connected the phone to charge while I slept, and SIX HOURS LATER, it was only at 97%. What the frack???


    Where's my old 1996 Qualcomm?

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    I dont use a exchange email account and i have the same issue.

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    I don't use exchange either. Let's ask Siri maybe she knows. Apple needs to do something. I'm already blowing up social media on this topic. Lot of people are surprised cause I'm our Apple guy here at work. Im just very disappointed. And getting nowhere on the google searches and forums.

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    From studying the issue, the battery seems to drain faster when the phone is not actively being used. My 4S used to lose 20-25% overnight while I was asleep whereas my iPhone 4 hardly lost any charge. This led me to conclude a background process that gets suspended during active use is what is draining the battery. Push notifications are not so resource intensive but polling a server is. Looking around, I saw this:


    Settings/Store and turned off NYTimes "Automatically download new content when on Wi-Fi" . Uncheck it.


    I theorize that either the NYT is doing polling and/or they update their content so frequently that the phone is constantly fetching data.


    I have not turned off anything else like Siri, Location Services etc.


    Since then, I lose 4-5% overnight and can go 1.5 days before needing to recharge.


    Incidentally, I tried calibrating the battery by draining it and then charging to 100%. No effect for me.


    Anyway, this is what worked for me. Hope it does for you as well.

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    Checked store settings and they disabled. Went from 50 to 36 in less than an hour.

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    I just got off the phone with Apple, and after they stopped treating me like a child they had me do a restore on the phone. The process finished a few minutes ago, and I'm at 82%. I'm plugging into the wall before I go out to run errands. Let's see what happens. <sigh>

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    Seems to have resolved my problem, will need some time to be sure. Thanks!

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    Yeah I tried that last night. No change for me hopefully you have better luck.   @ 31 percent now.

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    The problem is in circumstances like these, there is very likely a number of unrelated issues at play, some of us will have none, some one, and a very unlucky few will have a number of quirks draining their batteries (if you read through there are a few consistent symptoms, but lots of one-offs too)


    That said, in your case (Jonspad) it seems ridiculously fast drain. I think in your case you could make a genius bar appointment and demonstrate the problem pretty quickly. That would be my course of action.

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    Yeah I know. I was kind of hoping apple would reach out on this one but I might have to go in. FYI I'm

    Down to 28 now.

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    My 4s doesn't seem to be to bad, overnight last night I unplugged it at 11pm at 100% and had an alarm wake me this morning at 8:30am and my battery was at 98%. Made two phone call updated an app checked appshopper and did a little browsing this morning and it's now at 91%. I'd say that's pretty good. It did drain faster when I first got it and I have turned off or changed a lot of setting reading some of these battery problem threads, plus I conditioned the battery doing a few full cycle charges. I think the real culprit here is ios 5, I updated my old 3GS and my wife's iPhone 4 and theres definitely some more than usual drainage going on, on both of those devices. I always set my freshly restored devices as new so neither are restored from a backup. I think apple need's to check out what processes are running constantly and issue a small delta update to 5.0.1 or whatever and fix this **** problem.