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    Yeah, understand your point, but I think even with a software/firmware fix that will suit everyone, you'll still be left with some other issue causing your specific problem, very possibly hardware.


    Good luck


  • RiskMgr Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem.  I know when I installed exchnage for my phone on the 4 it drained the battery a little quicker than normal.  But now I can't get passed 4 - 5 hrs before the phone has to be rechared...  It's drinving me crazy and really might want to ask Apple to take back the phone.  It's unfortunate as I've had an iPhone since they releasee their first one.  Apple please figure out the problem soon!!!!!!!!

  • JJT2122 Level 1 Level 1

    I found the fix, see this article to see why the battery is drained and how to fix it, ices-bug#post-area

  • JJT2122 Level 1 Level 1

    see my article on how to fix the true problem to the battery issue, it's not notification center, it's the GPS that is running in the background and you don't know it, and the purple arrow does not show up,



  • jonspad Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah I disabled all location services in that part. Going to see how it goes.

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    Here is my question...does turning off Location Services also automatically turn off Location Services for the "System Services" that use it?  Perhaps someone more knowledgable than me can confirm.


    i.e. Navigate to Settings>Location Services>System Services (bottom of the page); note what is listed:


    Cell Network Search

    Compass Calibration

    Diagnostics and Usage

    Location based IAds

    Setting Time Zone



    I have a IPhone 3GS with IOS 5. 


    Needless to say, minimizing, or at least intelligently managing your use of screen brightness, wifi and GPS on any smartphone will maximize battery life.

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    Do a soft reset after turning off the notification. You might also want to turn off exchage mail too. Do a soft reset (press power button and the home button at the same time until you see the apple logo).

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    This fix works for me too.

    After upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 the stanby time reduced down to 16 hours in very light use. I tried all fixes found in these discussions: restore, set as a new phone, disable geo-fencing and so on. No succes at all. But after swithcing off calendar in notification center my iPhone has been working 20+ hours in normal use (calls, e-mails, twitter, RSS, music) and I still have about 30% of charge. Much better!

    Thanx TimothyW for advice.

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    I upgraded to iOS5 on my iPhone 4 (not 4s). I had the same battery drain problems after upgrade. I followed the advice in the original post and disabled Calendar notifications only. This positively stopped the battery drain.


    There may be a confluence of situations causing the battery drain. But mine did get solved. So take it as another datapoint. It may not be the fix for everyone.

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    Another one with extremely poor battery life.


    Having spoken to Apple today, they advised me to turn off all location services, WiFi and bluetooth, great fix there !!


    Having charged it to 100% for the second time today, it has dropped 7% in less than 2 hrs by just sitting there.  When checking its useage stats, it reports it has been used for 40minutes ?


    How does the useage stats work, surely USE is the amount of time the phone is being used when out of standby ?  I can't see how it comes to the conclusion it has been used for 40 minutes when it has been just sitting onmy desk having been taken off of charge and not used at all with all apps closed and no location services running.


    This is really driving me mad as I feel affraid to use my phone as i cannot predict its battery drain.

    My wife now has my iPhone 4 also running iOS 5, with the phone not being charged for 2 days it is still at 60%, my iPhone 4S was down to 40% after 6hrs !

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    I was having the exact same problem.  My iphone 4s would get very hot and my battery would drain away.  I would check my notifications in the notifcations center and notice that my calendar appointments would blink continuously like they were getting refreshed every 2 ms.  That can't be good for my battery.  I turned off the calendar items in notification center and since then phone has been staying cool and battery isn't nose diving.





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    Battery of my 4S will lose about 10-15% an hour with location services turned off. I'll try this one now, but when I see the replies, it doesn't give me much hope that this is the solution for everyone and for the whole problem with the battery of the 4S.

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    You all might have some apps that run in the background which in turn will drain the battery. Double click your home button then press and hold one of the apps until you get a red (-) symbol on the app. Just click all of those to close them down and that should help with the battery lasting longer. Other things to try is turn down the brightness of your screen and certain apps will drain the battery as well.

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    Adding my experience to the thread. I reset/restored my phone as a new device twice last night. The first time, the battery was still draining horribly even with turning off a lot of items. The second time I turned off all notifications, mainly because I use Exchange and read a lot of information on this board and elsewhere about a glitch between notification and Exchange that periodically creates a looping. That certainly made sense as to why my battery would run down. I also removed my Facebook app as I read that people who updated that app after loading IOS 5 were noting low battery life. Hopefully that app developer will get this situation fixed (lots of glitching with that app and IOS 5). After the second restore as new and turning off all the notifications, my battery is lasting just like it used to. I went to bed with it readying 99% and woke up with 97% even with Exchange "pushing" all night. I admit, I'm not happy about having to turn off the notifications, but I'm happy to have my battery acting appropriately now. Hopefully Apple gets a fix pushed out soon. These notes may not help everyone, but I did want to share my experience.

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    I'm running a 3GS... I had the exact issue described.  I am also using activesync for e-mail.  When I first installed iOS 5, notification center was acting badly as the original post describes. I killed some of the items from Notification Center and it did not make battery life better (0% remaining after 8 hours).  I took everything out of Notification Center (including the weather app) and battery life is back to what I am used to.~60% remaining after 8 hours of medium use.

    I never turned off any of the location services... didn't seem like the issue.