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    I am running iPhone 4s on Virgin Mobile South Africa, which, depending on signal strength and set on Auto Network mode, will piggy back onto any one of two local networks, namely Vodacom or Cell C. I found extremely poor (approx 12 hours) battery life when connected to the Cell C network, but excellent battery life (approx 48 hours) when connected to the Vodacom network. After investigating this further and manually selecting each network in turn, I found that the phone was permanently connected to 3G on the Cell C network with resultant poor battery life, whilst this was not the case on the Vodacom network.

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    I have a New iPad which is Wifi only.  The first 4 weeks I had it the battery life was spectacular.  I used it often (I use it for business) and the battery lasted about a week.  I charged it last week, shut it down after I charged it, did not pick it back up for a week, and the battery was fully discharged.  I did a similar experiment yesterday, charged it fully, used it a bit (battery went from 99% to 50% in a about 90 minutes) and then shut it down fully at 50%.  This morning when I turned it back on it was at 25%.  It went from 50% to 25% while it was turned off!!!  How can this device go from hanging at 90+% for days to draining half the battery life while it is turned off!


    When a similar thing happend with the iPhone 4 about a year or so ago, it was coincidal with an OS upgrade.  I'm wondering if the same is true for the New iPad.


    I need this device to work so any help would be the way turning off location services did not make any discernable difference.

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