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  • JR003 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is what appears to have worked for us.  My wife was not receiving imessages nor able to send out imessages, all hers went out as a text message.  I noticed in her settings>messages>send & receive, her phone number was greyed out and did not have a chech mark next to it.  I tried resetting almost everything, but couldn't get it.  We share an itunes account.  I logged out of itunes on both phones.  Then I logged hers back in first and her phone number under that same setting was greyed out but with a check this time.  I logged my phone back in, and while at first it didn't appear to work, after about 30 seconds it is sending and receiving imessages, even showing that someone is typing.  I hope this helps someone.

  • Anya76 Level 1 (0 points)

    My sister had this problem. In her case a solution was quite easy. She deleted gmail address form apple id and put another e-mail address, not from gmail. iMessage is working now.

  • dsg76 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seeing the same issue.   I can see iMessages coming in on my Mac iMessages, but the phone does not get them.   The weird thing is that i see MY messages in the phone iMessage app, but not the responses.  Those show on the Macbook.   This just started recently, and i'm only seeing this with SOME people not all.

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    I too am having this problem, but my messages are being delivered to some contacts, (iPhone and ipad) but not others, ipad only.

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    Has anyone found a way to receive the missing imessages? I know of 3 by chance because I have been talking to the people but afraid I've missed others & just wondering is there anyway of checking? Thanks

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    JR003, thank you! Your advice worked for me

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    Is anyone having this issue on iPhone 5? I am concerned and was thinking that someone I have begun dating ignored a text I sent thanking him (he's been a longtime friend who always replies to texts) and saying I'm looking forward to our next date. It went default as an iMessage. I think he also has a 5, but it may be a 4S...not sure. It shows as "delivered". i know you can turn off read receipts, so that isn't helpful not seeing if he read it or not.


    I don't want to text again asking if he got the message in case he really is blowing off my message (which wouldn't make sense, but I don't want to make a potentially awkward situation worse).


    It seems most people who have been having this issue have iphone 4 or 4S or other devices. I'm on AT&T with a 5.

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    I have just solved this issue on my devices,


    Settings>general>reset>reset network settings


    When this is done go to your wifi settings and put the password back in.


    Hope this helps xx

  • festerer Level 1 (0 points)

    And just to add, I did this to all my devices in order for it to work

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    Here is my issue.


    I turn iMessage OFF and I can't receive messages from those iPhone users that iMessage ON.  I turn iMessage ON and people with iPhones and iMessage OFF don't receive my messages....very annoying...very frustrating.  HELP

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    Same problem myself. I'm on the T-Mobile network. My friends will send me iMessages. SOME will come through, while other do not. On their end however, they all say "delivered".


    When I turn off my phone (not soft reset) all the messages come in. I got in the habbit of turning off my phone and then back on every evening to see what imessages I've missed. Super annoying. I've turned iMessage off until Apple fixes the problem.

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    I had the same issue and your solution helped me:


    Settings>general>reset>reset network settings


    I wish there was some way to make it sticky so people don't have to look through 6 pages of "I have the same problem" and "it's not working".


    Anyway, thanks!

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    Ever since I purchased my iPhone 4S I noticed a problem when connected with Telstra (that I didn’t get when connected with Optus and Vodafone) and managed to conjure up a solution.  My Fiancé and I are using iPhones with Telstra for the benefit of phone signal coverage.  Our iPhones are owned outright and are not locked to any network so we have the privilege of changing carriers as needed.  When I walk into WIFI areas that my phone has access to, it switches to the network as expected, but after I leave the WIFI area I cannot receive iMessages because the phone does not automatically switch back to the the cellular network.  To get iMessages I turn off WIFI and restart my phone.  That fixes it when I remember to do so.  These days I have WIFI off all the time.  Also, while my fiancé is in Japan we decided to communicate with iMessage turned off permanently because of communication problems with iMessage (including astronomical roaming internet connection fees).  The downside is that I can only receive iMessages from other iMessage senders in my iPad and Mac Computers.  We are fixing that problem by carrying the iPad with us everywhere we go, and each time we receive an iMessage telling the sender to send messages only to the actual phone number.  Many of my business customers use iPhones, but because they are also having problems with communication, most of them don’t mind switching away from the iMessage system.  The biggest hassle is having to carry an iPad around to receive the odd iMessage from an uninformed sender.

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    Has this started happening to anyone else since the iOS 7.1 update? It's happened to me three times now.  Two messages I've sent to two different people have shown "received" on my screen but they were not received by the receipients (I verified).  And this morning, I was sent (and the sender's screen showed I received) an iMessage, but I didn't get it.


    The message I was supposed to get was about the earthquake in Los Angeles, so you can imagine I was confused by not getting his first iMessage (there was an earthquake), but then getting his subsequent iMessages (I'm OK, I'm going back to bed).


    I have tried the iMessage off -> Reset Network Settings -> iMessage on suggestion, but this seems pretty widespread in my early experience with 7.1...

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    Yes, this has just occurred betweenmy iPhone 4 and my girlfriend's iPhone 5s - both updated to 7.1, never had a problem before and yet today I could receive messages from her but she didn't get my replies (despite being "delivered").  Checked her settings and iMessage was off (did 7.1 update turn it off?) - turned it on but still no joy.  Did the usual turn phone off then on and now iMessage is working.


    We'll try again tomorrow to see whether this has fixed.


    On a related theme, updating to 7.1 also turned on Bluetooth when it wasn't turned on previously!

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