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My iPhone is confused. It is syncing to two different computers. I have always had it synced to my home MacBook, and only charge it via USB during work on a Windows7 computer. Never a problem in three years. Now with ios5 and iTunes 10.5, after setting up automatic wi-fi syncing with the Macbook at home, I now see that it is also set-up to auto-sync with my work windows computer. On the iPhone, both computers are individually listed in the Settings/General/iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, and I can sync to both and get no warnings, etc. Funny, the windows computer does not have wi-fi capabilities, but when I do connect it via cable to charge, i can initiate and complete a wi-fi sync. There are no apps at all on that iTunes. What is it syncing?


Also, I never had music on my phone before, and I tried to add a few albums from my home iTunes library yesterday. When I pressed sync, iTunes said the phone was synced to another iTunes library. To continue, it would erase my iPhone completely and load everything from that computer. But, that's where all of the content came from in the first place!


How do I remove the windows work computer from the Settings/General/iTunes Wi-Fi Sync page so only my home MacBook is listed, and clear up all the confusion my iPhone is having?



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    You can either disable the "Launch iTunes when this device is connected" option, or on your work PC go into iTunes preferences and choose the option to not auto-sync any device to that particular iTunes library.


    Just curious, did you copy your home iTunes library file and put it onto your work PC?  Otherwise I'd think the iPhone would prompt you that it is connecting to a different library.

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    Thanks. "Launch iTunes when this device is connected" has been disabled, and auto-sync has been unchecked on the work PC all along. I have been charging my phone this way at work for 3 years without issue. Only now, with ios5 and itunes 1.5 do i have the problem of library confusion with the phone itself. I can press sync on the phone and not receive a sync warning for either the MacBook or the work PC. But, as soon as I attempt to add content from the Macbook, I get the warning that the phone is synced to another library. Very strange. I guess I'll restore the phone to new and not use the restore from back-up option.

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    On my iPhone Wi-Fi sync is listed two itunes libraries, one is of old crashed HDD. How to remove this library from iPhone?IMG_0133.PNG

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    I've exact the same problem, is there any news on this? I want to remove my working laptop from the list of wifi synced computers.

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    I have the same problem.


    I have 2 sync profiles for just the same Imac.



    The top profile is syncing correctly, only that profile is missing Podcasts and iTunes U.


    The profile bellow will not sync and that one got Podcasts and iTunes U in it.


    Can i combine the 2 profiles or can i remove the inactive one and get the other profile syncing Podcasts and iTunes U too?




    Greets Dominic Bosklopper

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    Same issue to me, waiting for solution

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    i found the solution,


    open itunes


    make a subscription on a podcast and a itunes u article then go tu ur iphone and i can select to sync podcasts and itunes u.


    after that u can delete ur subscriptions and ur 2 sync profiles on ur iphones are merged.


    good luck!

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    Had the same/similar problem, it was caused by me copying my itunes library to a new machine and then syncing with the new machine. Result was two wifi-sync profiles on both the iphone/ipad that I use.


    All I did to remove was plug the iphone/ipad into the original machine with the usb cable, sync it, then remove the tick mark for 'wifi sync' on the summary page, and re-sync'd. Then I moved the iphone/ipad over to the new machine, connected by usb cable and re-sync'd the iphone/ipad, made sure the 'wifi sync' was ticked on the summary page on the new machine and re-sync'd again.


    The old machine profile went, and I was just left with the new machine profile. Just to double check, hit the 'sync over wifi' on the iphone/ipad and sure enough it just went for the new machine.


    Not sure that helps if you do not have access to the old machine.... sorry.

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    D.A. Bosklopper has the right answer. THIS IS THE SOLUTION. Had the same problem and it worked like a charm.



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    I am sure that Rozak's solution will work if you had the original machine but what can you do if you don't have acess to the old machine?

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    This worked on both my iPhone and iPad2.  I had the problem on both.


    I could not try the other solution proposed by a different person because I no longer had the other computer.

    The other computer had died and I needed to synch everything with the new one.


    The solution by D.A. Bosklopper worked great!



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    Dear Mr. Bosklopper, I've been struggling with this problem for days now and tried endless other "solutions" to no avail...yours, Gobstopper was the only thing that fixed the problem 150%!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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    Bosklopper's answer is the right way!!! I finally got it working...


    Basically, to get rid of the old one, you have to make sure that your new one includes all sections of the old one. EG. my new one had everything except apps which was listed in the old one. I synced my iPhone to include apps and the old one disappeared!


    So Donatasj would need to sync all the categories listed in the one that he needs to remove on the new computer, the current one, then his old one would be removed!!!

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    Having a similar problem with my sister's ipad. However, the weird part is that the old computer NEVER did a wifi sync with the ipad, only USB cable syncs, because it's way old and never met the requirements for wifi sync. I still have the old machine, and if I connect the ipad there, the sync with itunes over wifi box is unchecked and greyed out. And yet the ipad still shows 2 computers in itunes wifi sync, the new one with all the types listed (photos, movies, music, apps, etc), an the old one with just movies listed. I tried adding a little movie to the new computer's itunes (so there'd be something to sync), setting it to sync movies, syncing it with the ipad, and the old computer is still listed on the ipad, unchecked sync movies in the new computer, re-sync'ed, still no change. Can't thnk of anything else to do other than just wiping the ipad and starting from scratch, which we're not prepared to do at this point.

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