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is there some web photo gallery (maybe Photo stream gallery or something) simmilar to MobileMe gallery from Apple?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    No. Apple are dropping their gallery service.






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    hmm, yeah, that's exactly what I didn't want to hear...


    Thanks for reply:)

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    I have just transitioned from my many years with the Apple MobileMe (previously mac.com) photo galleries to another commercial (charges a fee except for the very basic account) Zenfolio.  This is not by Apple, but a photo sharing site that has many gallery options and is simple to use.  A friend who is pro photographer (I am not) recommended this site as an alternative to MobileMe.  What really sold me is that as of two days ago they added a plugin that lets you port all of your MobileMe galleres directly to Zenfolio without having to reupload from your computer to their site.  In my case it worked flawlessly, moving everything and keeping the galleries in the proper order.  You can try the service free for 14 days as I am doing now.  If interested, just Google "zenfolio".  The service also provides upload plugins for iPhoto and Aperture.  I'm an amateur/hobby photographer.  I have no association with Zenfolio other than my new trial subscription - honest.  So far I like it a lot.

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    Publish to your Sites folder on your Mac and start-up your OS X built-in webserver. Most people have broadband so it is sufficient ... plus 'upload' times are fantastic! I export iPhoto albums as web pages and use iWeb to build my pages/site. Of course I use a desk-top 'mini' ... it would be problematic with a macbook because then you move away from your IP address. Love my solution because now I am the 'cloud'! Wasn't this why OS X was designed ... to be 'S Jobs' homegrown, everypersons', whole earth approach?

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    No, but I just found a 3rd party replacement, ZangZing,  that seems to work pretty nicely.The unique feature it offers is that it can transfer photos from existing MobileMe galleries, your iPhoto library, and a multitude of other sources.  The fisrt 2GB of space is free and then you pay for additional storage:



    From any of your iPhoto Albums:


    giving you this:




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    A couple more 'things': publishing to your own Sites folder has no limit on space other than your disk drive ... and it is 'free' as you already pay for the internet service.

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    I have moved my MobileMe Galleries to SmugMug. Really like it. Lots of nice options, easy to use, and the slideshows look great. Tech support is very good and prompt. 

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    That sounds great...

    I'm moving to try it.

    Thanks a lot!

    Jorge Belart

    Madrid - Spain

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    I just tried the Gallery plug in from Zenfolio.com and it was flawless. Thanks for the post. It saved my company website !

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    Perhaps, by now, everyone knows this..but if not, let me just say that zingzang is OUT as a Mobile Me Gallery solution. They are shutting down all services on August 31, 2012.