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  • IT360mk Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All, I don’t think you really need to do anything. The metadata attached with the files that you have copied from your iPhone 4S is not corrupt. It will work with any software that can detect those settings automatically. If you want to confirm, try uploading your (sideways) photos to facebook for example and see how your photo gets rotated to normal (exactly as it was taken by iPhone). However for some reason "windows photo viewer" doesn’t show the photos correctly nor does it save them after rotating. I did the rotate using EDIT option and opening photos in paint but when I uploaded them to facebook those photos were rotated one step further (that means facebook website recognises its original metadata).

    For general viewing purpose, you can use any software suggested by many people here or there might be software that can detect settings on its own and you don’t really need to do anything with those files.

  • AppleRC Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the explanation. I too use Windows Photo Live and was trying to figure out why the photos couldn't be rotated and my search for a solution led me to this site.


    The option of using Paint to rotate is too tedious for me especially when I have a thousand plus photos that need to be rotated.


    I started off by buying the iPod and went of to buy the iPhone and iPad before knowing of this problem just today when I downloaded the photos into my PC


    I would not have bought these Apple products had I knwn this is a problem since, like you, photos and videos are a big thing for me as I don't want to lug my camera and videocam everywhere I go.


    Fix this Apple. We are paying good money for your products and should not end up with some junk OS that can't even handle this simple problem of rotating photos.

  • AppleRC Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried this free JPEG Lossless Rotator program and found something very worrying.


    It works fine if you can rotate the photos. But if the programme doesn't allow you to and you get an "Unable to rotate "IMG_1427.JPG" message your photo "disappears" at is renamed as:


    "IMG_1427.JP_" from the original "IMG_1427.JPG" in Windows Photo Live.

    Fortunately, I tried a few unimportant photos on the programme before discovering this problem. You still can get the photos back by searching for them and renaming them with the incomplete"JP_" extension ( *.JP_ to *.JPG) extension. But in having to deal with hundreds/thousands of photos, it seems to tedious and risky!  


    So this solution is definitely out for me. But thanks for the suggestion.

  • AppleRC Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Dale,


    See my above post on the risks of using this Lossless Rotator Programme.



  • Dale Dietrich Level 1 (0 points)

    That's unfortunate AppleRC. I've been using Jpeg Lossless Rotator for months now and have never experienced the renaminf problem you are having. It's still the easiest and best solution for me. Funny how people write on this support thread daily and it appear most have not read the prior posts, diagnosis and solutions.


    Despite AppleRC's experience I strongly suggest others checkout the video of my solution to this problem  using 'JPeg Lossless Rotator' that I posted several pages back for the easiest solution to this problem - that is, until Apple solves it in a future iOS update.



  • AppleRC Level 1 (0 points)

    IT360MK is right.


    I just installed and tested a programme that I got for free when I bought my photo scanner several months ago. It is called "ArcSoft Media Impression".


    Any photo edits (rotate, crop, etc) made on it is instantly reflected on the Windows Photo Live programme. In fact, all the photos I downloaded from the iPhone to Windows Photo Live which are upside down, sideways, etc appears the right side up in ArcSoft. Editing the remaining few photos taken with the iPhone 4S is not a problem as well and I don't get any error messages as I do on Windows Photo Live.


    But the changes I made using ArcSoft to photos taken with my iPhone 4S on Arcsoft is not reflected in Windows Photo Live. Edits to all my other photos taken with my non-iPhone camera are fine though and these changes are instantly reflected in Windows Photo Live.


    Not quite sure why this is happening. It is a real nuisance.

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    So the problem is okay because Facebook rotates automatically? Has it occurred to you that some people do more than rotate and crop photos and the file being permanently read-only is a hassle at best? How about the fact that I'm actually doing twice as much editing now because absolutely none of the changes I "saved" on my iPhone were transferred?

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    I see that most of you are addressed rotate issues but in addition to not being able to rotate and save, I can't edit pictures taken on my iphone 4s at all (crop, red eye, enhance, etc). I tried a photo scrubber/stripper entioned in previous comments but it didn't work. I can't believe after 6 months Apple is still ignoring this issue.

    btw - I'm using Windows Live Photo Editor

  • Dale Dietrich Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you try the JPEG Lossless Rotator program that I discuss and demo in my blog post here?:



    I know you want to do more than rotate, but after a rotation I can then easily edit with anything. That said, I can already edit these photos with and any number of other apps so long as I'm willing to save to a new file name in a different directory.



  • txunc Level 1 (0 points)

    nicksaalfed-  Thank You!  The program worked for me.  Added bonus- it seems to have automatically converted the Quicktime Video icons to thumbnail views (another frustration).

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    Not going to read through all 10 pages, but I found that if you open the pictures with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (instead of Windows Photo Viewer) there are no issues with cropping/rotating/saving the image.

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    erikamroy wrote:


    Not going to read through all 10 pages, but I found that if you open the pictures with Microsoft Office Picture Manager (instead of Windows Photo Viewer) there are no issues with cropping/rotating/saving the image.

    I can confirm that this works. Photos which can not normally be rotated or tagged using the right click method, once rotated within Microsoft Office Picture Manager are then able to be rotated and tag as usual.


    This has seemed to solve most of the problems I had been having, so thank you. But still find it annoying how after editing photos on the iPhone though the native photo app, once transfered to PC all edits revert back to original. The only fix to this that I have found is emailing the edited photos to myself, which sends the edited versions rather then the unedited version.

  • randyaa Level 1 (0 points)

    As mentioned before, the real problem is corrupted XMP data within the image.


    When I extracted the XMP XML I found whitespace characters AFTER the XML.  MOST standard XML parsers will throw a 'Content found in Trailing Section' error when this occurs.


    to FIX the issue I wrote a small jPeg XMP XML Trimmer utility which removes the whitespace from the end of the XML file.  The source is freely available on google code at the link above.  If you're interested in using it feel free.  If you're interested in using it but feel uncomfortable with command line utilities let me know and I may release a UI based version.


    Hopefully Apple fixes this so it becomes a non issue in the future but for now, stripping the whitespace from the XMP block within the image is the safest & easiest solution despite the numerous work-arounds posted.

  • sonja_rizzo Level 1 (0 points)

    On XP, this fixed the problem for me:  When you connect your iPod to your PC, use the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard to import the pictures.  I was just going directly to the folder and copying them to my PC manually and was getting the error.  Using the Wizard, everything works fine.  Hope this helps.

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    This discussion has been very helpful to me over the last few months.  The work arounds listed allowed me to do what I need to do with the photos however, I just wanted it to work like it used to with my iphone 4.  I went to the apple store today, of course, they had no idea what I was talking about.


    In desperation, I went home and restored the factory settings and then reloaded my phone from the back up.  IT WORKED!  The pictures now import perfectly and I am able to edit through my regular photo editor. 

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