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    I didn't read all the pages, so this might have been mentioned already.  What I have found that works, is to rotate it twice so it is upside down, then save it.  Then rotate it twice again so it is right side up and save it.  Then you can edit the picture on the computer.

  • andy.dickens Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here. iPhone 4S 64GB, Windows 7 x64. Nearly all pics I take cannot be rotated, and if I rotate then resave the pic in Paint, then upload to an online album, the orientation is messed up again.


    This is very annoying when you have over 1000 pics.

  • Microsoft_Harold Level 1 (5 points)

    If you dont mind losing some metadata such as date, gps location, geo tagging etc then just dl a metadata stripper and strip the folder your pictures are contained in and you can rotate each one as neccessary

  • randyaa Level 1 (0 points)

    As mentioned before, the real problem is corrupted XMP data within the image.  You don't need to strip the entire metadata block.


    to FIX the issue I wrote a small jPeg XMP XML Trimmer utility which removes the whitespace from the end of the metadata.  The source is freely available on google code at the link above.  If you're interested in using it feel free.  If you're interested in using it but feel uncomfortable with command line utilities let me know and I may release a UI based version soon.


    Hopefully Apple fixes this so it becomes a non issue in the future but for now, stripping the whitespace from the XMP block within the image is the safest & easiest solution despite the numerous work-arounds posted.

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    I have this same problem and have used a fairly quick and effective workaround.  When I download and open a photo (I do so on Windows 7), my jpg's opne with Window Live Photo Gallery.  Under the top menu item "Extras" you can select OPEN WITH, and then open with Paint.  Yes, it is a very basic program, but if allows you to ROTATE the photo 90 degrees and then SAVE AS a new jpg file.  Even if you don't use Windows Live (it's simply what the default is on my computer at work), I am sure you can download the jpg, and then open it with Paint and follow the same steps. (In case you don't know how to open with Paint, you can simply open PAINT, which should be searchable under Search All Programs in your Start menu, lower-left of screen).  Once Paint is open, click in the upper left corner drop-down and select OPEN, then choose the jpg that you need to rotate.  Hope this is helpful--or that Apple will solve this odd glitch.  It doesn't fix VIDEO files, though, so hopefully Apple will get on it soon.

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    THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks so much! You are right IT WORKS, it's an easy solution and it's fast! I had given up but can now go back and work with some of my photos again without getting so frustrated. Very much appreciated!

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    Same problem here as well... But, I have figured out the cause of the problem, but not the solution.... I tried several different things listed here (pictures that were taken sideways is one, it being all pictures taken is another, and it being the icloud photo stream is another) but for my phone at least these problems are not the bug.... I never turned on the photo stream option. Something about pictures of my children out there in the nether worries me... The new photo edit option within the iphone's default photo app is the problem... No matter which orientation the picture is taken from it will work just fine once you transfer it onto your computer, unless you have used the crop or auto enhance button with the phone. That is the option that screws up the metadata. If these pictures are emailed after that it will not cause a problem, but if they are transferred through the cable straight to the computer then they cannot be edited within normal programs (this includes the easy to use right click to rotate button). I tested this with several different options


    Test set 1


    One untouched photo taken with regular orientation

    One cropped photo taken with regular orientation

    One auto-enhanced photo taken with regular orientation

    One cropped and auto-enhanced photo taken with regular orientation


    Test set 2


    One untouched photo taken in landscape mode

    One cropped photo taken in landscape mode

    One auto-enhanced photo taken in landscape mode

    One cropped and auto-enhanced photo taken in landscape mode


    Both untouched photos from test 1 and 2 worked fine. They could be rotated and edited without a problem. All other pictures from both tests could not be rotated or edited, and all had metadata issues.


    I just finished the update to iOS 5.1.1 and tested it, this is still a problem... I am not sure how to fix this problem, I read some options on this thread that seemed to help for some and I may end up trying those. This is a very frustrating issue and apple really needs to get a jump on it.... This has been a problem since December? With as many people on this thread that have been having the same problem you think they would have fixed it by now.

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    I not read all here. The People are talking so much about this Problem, but I never read somebody see the real reason why a photo can not be turned in Windows.


    It have nothing todo with crop, untouched, using volumebutton, etc.


    The real reason is all pictures with faces of people can not be rotaded by the Viewer of Windows 7!


    But I have no solution ;-) I think the iPhone does something with pictures have faces maybe for facedetection in iPhoto.


    Now find a solution (not a workaround) for me please.


    Greetings from Germany



    (sorry for my english)

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    Actually Frank,


    All of my test pictures were of inanimate objects. The windows photo viewer is not capable of distinguishing faces from other objects. Picasa is, but not the photo viewer.

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    Thank you, this worked perfectly!

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    I tried to read and follow the posts, this issue was first discovered 6 months ago, i.e. November 2011, I cannot believe Apple did not care the least ... perhaps it is intentional ... now I am thinking twice whether to continue supporting Apple products *for the record, I use PC for work, and Apple for leisure! Disgusting!

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    I came across this thread regarding iphone photos not allowing you to rotate them. Where exactly did you find the settings that allowed you turn off the automatic 90 degree rotation when importing to your PC?  Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Microsoft_Harold Level 1 (5 points)

    It gets worse, for PCs the 3 simultaneous download is disabled server side and you are limited to 1 download at a time in itunes. so if you got lots of apps to update or songs to download, or new podcasts... good luck

  • Microsoft_Harold Level 1 (5 points)

    no such things. only thing you can do is import or photostream the pictures into windows and rotate and edit manually. Only problem is the error that occurs on some pictures due to corrupt metadata. This could be fixed or worked around by erasing or overwriting the metadata. This can be done in 2 days. 1) Strip the metadata or 2) open it in an editing program (paint, photoshop, etc...) and resave it.

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    Or, as I wrote earlier in this thread, use JPeg Lossless Rotator. Works like a charm. Here's my tutorial:



    And to rotate upside-down/sideways videos imported from the iPhone 4S to a PC I recommend the Freemake Video converter as I describe/demo here:



    There should be a sticky somehow in this thread to keep the best solutions at the top because the new people coming to this thread don't appear to be reading back to the relatively easy interim solutions posted earlier in the thread by others.



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