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    Windows users:


    1. Download two files:
    2. Save jhead.exe and unzip the contents of to "C:\".
    3. Open a command prompt. Here's how: click on Windows start menu, type: CMD, press Enter, right click on the Command Prompt icon (within your live search results) and select 'Run as administrator'.
    4. In the Command Prompt, we will gain access (change directory) to the location (cd C:\) you have saved jhead and jpegtran:
      cd c:\
      Press enter
    5. Now you are going to type and press enter a command that calls on jhead to search a directory (this is where you have your iPhone photos). The command will tell jhead to automatically rotate (-autorot) all images (*.jpg) within your given directory. Here is an example:
      jhead -autorot "D:\Imported photos from my iPhone 4S\*.jpg"
      Press enter
    6. Jhead will now search for all photos within that directory and auto rotate them (fixing the incomplete/corrupt EXIF data) image by image. Jhead will only update images that need it, and you will see a live preview of this within Windows Explorer as your thumbnails update.

    Your images are now fixed and fully editable.


    You will need to do this until Apple fixes their iOS camera software.


    Example of jhead in action:


    Example of entering the jhead -autorot "LOCATION" command. NB: you will have to manually type the double quote character (shift + 2) for UK Keyboards -copying and pasting from the web into Command Prompt may give you an error.



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    Try to rotate it in Paint. It works

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    I, also, have the same problem.  I have tried using other programs to rotate pictures - and even then when they all look perfect - I load them back on my ipad or iphone, and they are once again horizontal! Seriously getting irritated about this.  I know that Apple doesn't like PCs but really???

  • kbwhat Level 1 (0 points)

    I did it in paint - looked perfect...reloaded on ipad...and back to sideways!

  • SeeingClearly Level 1 (0 points)

    In camera roll if you edit photo and rotate 360; then choose another edit funcition to enable the "save" feature it seems to solve the problem for me.

    The photos are then in the correct orientation. I only have the problem with some photos, but this seems to always fix the orientation.

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    Using paint will lose your original photo quality.  Just opening in Paint and saving will bring down your photos size about 75% of it's original size.  I'm not sure how to maintain the original file size in paint so I didn't explore paint further.


    However, using Microsoft Office Picture Manager worked perfectly for me without losing meta data.  Original file size/quality preserved without editing.  Just open in MOPM and flip and save.

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    This is just not acceptable and it does not sound like apple is listening either.

  • andy.dickens Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple products are perfect and do not have bugs. Why would they need to listen to their customers?

  • Andre3G Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly !

  • ryan195 Level 1 (0 points)

    I found 2 potential solution to this problem, for window users. I am using window 7 Pro SP1 and iphone 4S on lenovo T430s


    1st solution for people who is important NEW photos from iphone 4S and should also be set from now on so that you don't need to use solution 2.


    take some photos with iphone 4S and then plug  into computer, when the import dialog occurs, click the import settings, then click "Restore Default" button, then change the setting of "Foldername" to "Date Taken + tag".  When you click okay, there will be a message that the settings has to restart......After the import, you can edit/rotate the photos. I suspect the 'magic' happens when the settings was restarted and the photo was imported 'correctly'. If you leave the settings untouch, subsequent photo imports will still have the mess up photos metadata! So this method is troublesome, but at least it saves me the trouble of correcting multiple photos.




    This seem to solve the problem for me. Please try it and see if it works for you. if not, please post here.




    2nd solution is for people who have already some imported photos that have the corrupted metadata. This idea is from tomhardware forum. You need to download stripper from


    After download, you will see a folder with the program in it. Any photos that you drop onto it will have the metadata stripped and the file saved back to the original location. What happens is information such as date/time, camera information, GPS location of photo taken are all stripped. These photos can then be edited, rotate normally.


    NOTE: You can run the software and click the "Preserve file date and times" so that at least this information is preserve while the rest of the information is stripped.

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    I use

    it view them as if they are still on your device. it's free and does many other things too.

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    EASY FIX with a single program to do all your photos at ONCE!


    Easy Fix for people who cannot edit Iphone photos on their Windows Computer!

    Download a Program called Format Factory (It is a program that changes files from one format to another works great for video files but also does Images PC only)  - They are legit, they take profit through donations (no adds)


    1. Download and install Format Factory to your windows computer.

    2. Double Click and launch Format Factory then select Photos on the left hand side and hit "all to JPEG"

    3. Click Add file and navigate to where your photos are.. highlight them all Ctrl+A and hit Open, then hit Ok..


    4. Hit Play.. and your done.. it will take your photos and re-convert them into JPEG images.. Click on the icon that says "Output folder" to see where your photos went.


    Note: Your original photos (ones that cannot be edited) will still be wherever they where at the beginning. Drag the originals to the trash (or another folder if you dont want to loose them) and replace them with the ones from the Output folder..


    I tested this on a Windows 7 Computer and it works


    Bernard (Former Applecare advisor)

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    This Works!    I have Windows 7


    Go to "Start"

    Go to Microsoft Office Picture Manager

    Select "Add New Pic Shortcut"  on menu of the right side of the screen

    Select "Pictures"

    Select "Album/s

    Select "Add"

    Open Album

    Click on picture you want to rotate   (have to do one at a time and repeat this process for each picture)


    Right Click and a menu comes up on the right side of screen


    Click "Rotate the picture"  rotate and hit save under "File" on tool bar at the top left of your screen


    Repeat process for each picture, when done, and you try to exit it will aske you if you want to save it, Hit "Save"


    Go back to the orginal place you upload your pictures to and they should be straightened. 

  • Dale Dietrich Level 1 (0 points)

    OR save all that work, isntall Jpeg Lossless Rotator and rotate as many as you want at one time from the directory where you uploaded the pictures. I'm continually surprised all the labour intensive methods people are suggesting when JPeg Lossless Rotator is dead simple to use.



    I still have my fingers crossed that this will be solved in iOS 6 due out in October!!!




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    there is a software called loseless rotator install it and then you can rotate most of your photos, right click on your photo and the option to rotate it appears.....

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