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  • MontrealPaul Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to say, Steve, this does not work for me.


    I am already administrator of my machine, and so have all rights inherited.


    Nevertheless, "just in case", I followed your instructions and added myself specifically, but it changed nothing; Same error message.


    BTW, iCloud is not a part of this issue for me. Though I do use iCloud, the file in question is on my local hard disk.





  • blutser Level 1 (0 points)

    I also experienced problems with editing the photo's on my Vista PC coming from my new iPhone 4S. It didn't matter if I used iCloud photostream or copied the photo's directly to my pc through USB. The only way to edit them was by opening them once in paint and saving them. But at a sudden moment the files seemed to be corrupt and I couldn't delete them anymore.


    Now a few days later I experience that I have no problem what so ever anymore. I don't know how this happened. Things I've done are: upgraded to IOS 6, connected my iPhone to another PC with Windows 7 64 bit (I still couldn't edit the photo's there), connected my iPhone to another PC with windows XP (I could edit the photo's succesfull on it), rebooted my Vista PC, executed checkdisk (but didn't wait till it was completely finished), copied the photo's again to my Vista PC and I could edit them. After the reboot/checkdisk the corrupt files were also gone.


    Weird but I hope everything stays this way.

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    My photos were locked this morning. I used this step on my Window 7 to unlock. It happen to me last year and my photo are unlock and i am able to use it to edit them now. You can only unlock one photo at time. I did for my coworker 30 minutes ago. Click on the photo, click on properties then edit, once prompted click the add button icon and insert the word users and ok. It will clear that one photo. You can do group by following same thing to a photo streaming folder...I just did for my co-worker who had the same problem as me. I will provide picture photo of the steps.

  • Jcaban Level 1 (0 points)

    If you picture office manager on your computer use that program to rotate all your pictures at once. Look up my earlier post on how to do this on a windows computer. Or use program Dale Dietrich recommends.

  • MontrealPaul Level 1 (0 points)

    @Jcaban, can you rephrase your first sentence, please? Sorry, but it doesn't make sense to me...


    I'm not familiar with a program called picture, or picture office, or picture office manager....

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    Wow!! so far i think this is the BEST solution yet. Thanks a bunch!!

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    You're most certainly welcome. I'm glad you find it useful. This is the only way to revamp the errors.


    Best regards,

    Steve Polydor

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    I think you risk losing resolution if you do the above. I find the jpeg lossless rotator solution preferable because of that.

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    Many thanks dude..

  • Dale Dietrich Level 1 (0 points)





    I finally upgraded to Windows 8 and imported my Christmas pictures in with the Import Pictures and Videos fuction. I clicked on the auto-rotate on import (which never worked in Windows 7 with the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5) and, holy cow, it rotated them.  All my portrait photos taken on my iPhone 4S and my wife's iPhone 5 over Christmas imported properly (ie: rotated to the portrait view) in Windows 8.




    AND AS A BONUS, IT SEEMS LIKE THE SOLVED THE SAME PROBLEM WITH VIDEOS. I need to test this with my iPhione 4S but my wife's videos taken in portrait mode (I have long since learned not to take portrait videos) turned out properly rotated. When I get a chance to test a portrait video with my iPhone 4S I'll get back.


    YAY!!!!!!!  What a wonderful Christmas present from Microsoft!!!

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    I don't have windows 8, but I figured out a fix...


    When you open the photo in Window's Gallery right click and go to "Open with" and click on Window's Live Photo Gallery. There you can edit and save or revert.

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    Had the same problem as all. Open you photo with paint, don't do anything but go to save, save as jpeg give it a name and you can do whatever you want to the photo when you open it!!!!

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    Just noticed this past week that I can now rotate using the the Windows Photo viewer. There is also an option on the right click menu to rotate (not sure if this is windows addon or from another application) but they are all working without any issues now.


    Apple might not be reading these boards, but sounds like Microsoft might be


    Make sure you have the latest windows updates and see if that resolves it for you.

    I am finally done with this thread :-)

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    Open the pictures in Paint, flip the picture and save.  Done.

  • LanceBoyle Level 1 (0 points)

    I had about 900 photos to fix. I didn't like some of the solutions that remove the 'date photo taken' and other useful info. What I did was use a program called BatchPurifier Lite (free). After some experimenting, I found all I needed to remove were the XMP data. That way, the date photo taken was still intact. The program processed the whole folder in about 10 minutes. Now I can rotate the photos at will with windows right-click and rotate.