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I have tried downloading photos taken on the phone to my computer through the USB as well as enabled photostream to automatically download them but a number of my pictures show up as black boxes when in iPhoto. On the phone's camera roll they are there and viewable but blank black frames in iPhoto. I am not shooting with the HDR feature and some pictures do show up and others don't. I've deleted the photos from iPhoto and tried redownloading them a few times and nothing works , How can I resolve this?


Screen Shot 2011-10-28 at 10.04.32 PM.gif





iPhone 4S, iOS 5
  • Anderson Heston Level 1 (0 points)

    I dont have a fix but don't feel alone with this issue. I have the same problem on my 4S. photo.PNG

  • angus cooney Level 1 (105 points)
    1. Select the library in iPhoto Library Manager and click the Options button on the right
    2. Select "Read & Write" in the "Owner" pop-up menu and click the "Apply Permissions Now" button. This will make your library folder readable and writable. Then click "Done".
    3. Note that if the library in question is owned by another user on the machine, you may not be able to successfully reset the permissions for the library. In that case, you'll need to log in as the user that owns the library and try again.
    4. Open the library in iPhoto and see if it now can read your album data

    If you have an iPhoto library that is corrupt and causing iPhoto to crash or otherwise be unusable, iPhoto Library Manager provides the ability to rebuild your library based on the information found in its AlbumData.xml file. Select the library you want to rebuild and choose the "Rebuild Library" command from the File menu. After choosing a location to store the rebuilt library, iPhoto Library Manager will proceed to try rebuilding the library as best as it can based on the available data.

    There are some cases in which the data for the library is either damaged or incomplete that will cause a rebuild to fail.


    hope it helps


    angus cooney

  • RonenB Level 1 (0 points)

    I think angus that you missed our problem. The library is not damaged on the iPhone, it's ok. I even get those photos ok on my Apple TV and iPad so Photostream works well. The only problem is with some (in my case most) of the photos I'm taking with the 4s, I have no clue what makes it like that. I suffer from exactly the same problem, Macbook Air i5, iPhoto 11.

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    Try what is mentioned in this link, i had the same problems you mentioned above, followed these steps (i used iexplore which was a free program, the link is in the article), deleted the files it mentioned (scary) and... Hey Presto!! all the photos I had been taking were back, iphoto syncing was working again, no more black or grey or disappearing photos, all good


  • RonenB Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope it did not do the job. Note that the fix should happen in the mac, not the iPhone. My iPhone streams the exact same photos OK to the Apple TV and iPad so the problem is with iPhoto.

  • RonenB Level 1 (0 points)

    OK - this is a bug that Apple needs to fix, till then I found that turning off HDR solves the problem.

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    I am experiencing this as well, some of the photos in my photosteam iPhoto '11 are shown as black images. It wasn't always like this, images that previous worked before, are now completely black. On my iphone and ipad, these photosteam images are okay, narrowing down the problem to iPhoto '11 usage of photosteam. I'm running 10.7.2 on my i5 MacBook Air 13".

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    I have the same problem - the photos look alright on my iPhone - but when I look at them on iPhoto through Photo Stream, they are black/blank.

    Apple really needs to fix this!..

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    Same problem! Has anyone figured out how to fix it? I rely on my iphone camera to capture everything.


    I upgraded the phone, rebooted it (lost all my apps ugh), reconfigured the iPhoto library... still nothing.

  • Judith Evans1 Level 1 (30 points)

    getting the same problem on Macbook air.  Okay on imac.  If i try to edit one of the black images I can then see the photo, but still appears black when go back to another view, or last import.  If I edit one of the images by enhancing, then new image appears in the photostream but previous version remains black.  Very strange and obviously a glitch.  Might go to Genius Bar tomorrow.

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    Judith did you go? I'm in Brazil for a while so I don't have the option to speak with them in person - would love to know if they were able to fix the problem for you.


    - Gina

  • Judith Evans1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Hi Tina - I will go tomorrow, will,let you know after visit to apple genius.  Hope it gets sorted soon. Cheers j

  • Judith Evans1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Gina not Tina spell checker changed your name !

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    Hey guys, I had the same problem too, I shut down my computer (not phone), waited for a couple of minutes and then opened it again, opened iphoto, deleted the old photos (from events), and imported pics from my ipnohe 4s again, it worked this time. Maybe it's an update issue ?

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