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    The lag you see for call failed isn't normal, you should have the Callback and Cancel buttons readily available.

    Have you tried Resetting all Settings?




    I haven't had any issues with the network 3 UK while I was wandering around London with my iPhone 4S.

    I was using a SIM from 3 Austria using the LikeHome roaming.

    I also used a Vodafone partner SIM, no issues there either.

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    It's a complex issue. I have over 50 clients using iPhones in London and they many of them complain about the signal. Several have confirmed that the issues go away when abroad. It could be that there is just too much network traffic here.



    it's good to hear that you had a good experience in London, but speaking as someone who cycles across central London every day, making calls as I go, I suffer from dropped calls and broken conversation where clients complain they cannot hear me all the time.


    Prior to the release of the TuGo app I was planning to buy a second phone for calls, something an Apple employee at the Regent Street store suggested. That tells you everything you need to know. I have been to 3 Apple Stores in London and several employees have said that if I use the iPhone for business, then I should consider a separate phone for calls, and then use the iPhone for internet access! I began to despair, but TuGo is helping.


    I have my eye on the new iPhone 5S/5C in case Apple has improved the signal, but I would need to read a lot of positive reports on the signal before I would buy one.

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    Ah I see. In a nutshell, big stone buildings are the bane of radio signals... not much can be done about that. 


    The signal on the new phones is probably at max 15-20% different. iPhones have high SAR ratings as-is so... maybe you just need the new antenna design.


    Is 4G/LTE available over there? If so, turn it off on the phone.

    Experiment, put the phone in 3G mode (UTMS) ride again


    If you're already in 3G, then take note of the below:


    I suspect O2 has higher-frequency cells (~1900mhz) in the area you are in. HF radio does not travel/transmit as far as the 800mhz spectrum.


    Ask O2 if there are dual-band towers/nodes near your common routes.

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    Exactly. As well as hoping the new iPhones have improved signal, O2 have purchased the 800MHz band in the 4G auction, which is being reported as being slower than EE's bandwidth, but is actually much better at penetrating buildings. That is more important for me, so if the new iPhone proves to be better on O2 (once Apple update the carrier info to allow O2 to work) then this may be the solution.


    After spending so much money on a phone, it's a joke to be hoping to buy another model to be able to do what the original model said it could do. But it's a blame game and no one is owning up.


    In its defence, the iPhone is one of the best computers I've ever used. It's just the worst phone.

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    You have said it so well, the iPhone really is a great computer, but lousy as a phone.


    In America, (back when the 3G/3GS was expensive) The network that had the iPhone was At&t, the phone function was dodgy back then also.


    It's better/more reliable from the iPhone 4 and higher now, but you might want to looking at testing a SIM from 3.

    My iPhone 4S was like fish into water on 3 AT/IT/UK.

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    After the rotton apple ISO 7 down hosing my phone is dropping calls alot more often now.  Rotton Apple is not just dropping calls..... there also dropping customer satisfaction

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    All phones drop calls occasionally - it's the freezing for up to three minutes that is intolerable.


    I agree with the 'great computer, lousy phone' description (although my 4S predecessor, the 3GS was a great phone). I'm off to the Apple Store this morning for the third replacement, although I'm not optimistic that it will make much difference.


    My carrier O2 are sending a replacement SIM card for their part, although I can't see much relevance in their assertion that a 4G enabled SIM will make much difference to a 3G only phone.


    I am seriously considering switching networks (3 is the front runner, despite their lousy customer service in the UK and not supporting visual voicemail).

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    In the latest grim twist to this saga, I've been advised by Apple that I surrendered most of my rights be accepting the original exchange. I wish they'd pointed this out at the time.


    Worse still, apparently refurbished iPhones are given in exchange (my one month old phone apparently given up for one of uncertain vintage and treatment). Again, clarity on this would really have informed my decision as to whether I should have accepted this resolution.

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    To note, the iPhone 4S does in fact support HSPA+ (Better known as 4G)

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    O2 now support 4G on the new iPhones. I'd be interested to hear what the signal quality is like compared to previous models, over both 3G and 4G.

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    This may be part of the issue.....who knew that those little black strips were antennae?  Not well publicized, I would say!!


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    I have the iPhone 4S. Srint. iOS 7.0.6


    Was haveing the 10 second shutoff problem...


    Reset network settings = No Joy.


    ##update# = no joy.


    Realized this just started today...  I have automatic updates...


    From Notification Center, found 3 apps updated early this morning...



    ~Google Maps


    Deleted those apps.



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    Bingo.It is working.Thanx for the tips.

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