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I am taking over a Mac Pro at work which the previous user set  home folder(or the hard drive name) with his personal name.( usually the home folder/hard drive name  is MacintoshHD)  How would I go about changing the home folders / i am not allowed to reinstal the system though!

is there any other way to do it or change it,with aa programe or?


i m on lion


thank you

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    Hold command r keys and boot the computer into Lion Recovery Partition.


    From there you can erase the Lion OS X Partition using Disk Utility and download and install a new copy of Lion from Apple's Servers.


    Upon rebooting normally you will go through the setup and can set whatever name on the machine as you wish.


    All files and third party programs will be removed, so save your files off the machine and resintall programs from fresh sources, download iLife from the AppStore again if you need it.


    Sorry this is the only way it can be done to remove a previous owner entirely from the machine, you can delete a use from the System Preferences> accounts, but not the owner unless you do a total reinstall.


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    so i cant do anything else to change the HOME FOLDER NAME?


    as i dont have any of the software as they are from work so i cant reinstal the system as i will lose them.


    are there any 3th party software who can change the home folder name please?

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    1. Enable the root user.
    2. Log in as root.
    3. Navigate to the /Users folder.
    4. Select the Home folder with the short name you want to change, and rename it just like you would rename any folder. Keep in mind that the shortname must be  all lowercase, with no spaces, and only contain letters.
    5. Use the Users & Groups pane (Accounts pane in Mac OS X v10.6.8 or earlier) in System Preferences to create a new user with the Account name or Short Name that you used in the previous step.
    6. Click OK when "A folder in the Users folder already has the name 'account name'. Would you like to use that folder as the Home folder for this user account?" Note: This will correct the ownership of all files in the Home folder, and avoid  permissions issues with the contents.
    7. Choose Log Out from the Apple menu.
    8. Log in as the newly created user. You should be able to access all of your original files (on the desktop, in Documents, and in the other folders of this Home).
    9. After verifying that your data is as expected, you can delete the original user account via the Users & Groups pane (Accounts pane in Mac OS X v10.6.8 or earlier).
    10. Disable the root user.




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    If you wnat to renane the thing that used to be called Macintosh HD, this is how:


    Find the drive Icon on the desktop.

    Click on it once to select.

    Choose GetInfo from the file menu.

    In the getInfo box, find the "Name and Extension" box

    Enter a new name.

    Close the window.

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    when i click oh the home icon get info,id does not give me the possibility to change the "Name and Extension" box

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    There is an expansion triangle next to that box that should allow you to open and see the name and extenion.


    ► Name & Extension:

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    yes i saw it,its light grey and does not give me option to correct it

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    When you click on the triangle, ti should show you a box that is filled in with the name.


    IF this is the Hard Drive name, you should be allowed to type anything in that box that is a good Hard Drive name.


    IF this is the account_name, you will need to either create a new account with a name you like more, or follow the complex methods other users have already posted. The Account name(login name) is NEVER Macinstsh HD by default. That is the Hard Drive name.

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    air2064 wrote:


    yes i saw it,its light grey and does not give me option to correct it


    Do you have admin access to the machine?


    Then simply create a new user in System Preferences>Acoounts and use the Users/Shared folder to transfer files between accounts.


    Once your up on the new name, delete the old account.



    I slighty misread your post, sorry.

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    I have been having the same probelm. I have changed users and now all editable areas hold my name. However under the users folder there is a folder containing the previous users name which is the base folder for all files. This is causing an issue as occaisionally this name is then displayed via shared folders. I cannot double/ right click the folder to rename and when I open the get info window the name and extension box displays the name in a faded grey and is uneditable. If anyone has found a solution i would be really grateful.