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I now use iPhoto to put all my photos in, treasured memories. I do use Time Machine on my iMac, and also manually backup the iPhoto library file manually to a separate external HDD as well, so that makes a copy on the iMac, copy in TM, and copy on external HDD, enough I think..except.


What happens if the worse happens and I get my iMac and external HDD stolen, lost etc? I do keep my external HDD in a different place in the house but worse could happen and the house could get trashed etc.


So, does anyone backup their iPhoto library to the cloud somewhere? To be honest my photos (and probably my music-iTunes library) are the 2 things I treasure most. Anything else I could get back I think.


I wont be running the iPhoto (or iTunes) library from the cloudl, its just for a backup.


1) So is this a viable option? to backup the iPhoto (and iTunes) library to the cloud for safe keeping


2) Is it security safe? I don't want others looking at my pics etc


3) I realise it will take an age to upload to the cloud, as the iPhoto is a "one lump of data" kind of file, eg not a folder of pics at a time


4) what happens when you add more pics to your library, how can you just upload what's needed and not the whole library everytime?


5) where is the best? I'm in UK, but obviuosly the cloud is anywhere.


hope someone does this, or what other options is there please?



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    I don't think it's really feasible to back up a large library to the Cloud unless you have a enormous bandwidth. I would make two suggestions to your back up routine:


    1. You need an off-site back up.


    2. Back up your Photos to the cloud, not your Library.


    My routine:


    My Library lives on my iMac. It’s Backed up to  two external hard disks every day. These disks are permanently attached to the iMac. These back ups run automatically. One is done by Time Machine, one is a bootable back up done by SuperDuper


    It’s also backed up to a portable hard disk when ever new photos are added. This hard disk lives in my car. For security, this disk is password protected.


    I have a second off-site back up at a relative’s house across town. That’s updated every 3 or 4 months.


    My Photos are backed up online. There are many options: Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug etc. However, check the terms of your account carefully. While most sites have free uploading, you will often find that these uploads are limited in terms of the file size or the bandwidth you can use per month. For access that allows you to upload full size pics with no restrictions you may need to pay.


    Every couple of months I test the back ups to make sure they are working correctly. It’s very easy to mis-configure a back up application, and the only way to protect against that is to do a trial restore.

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    I can backup to cloud using http://sugarsync.com but can't sync yet without risking cruption.